How to add columns in excel

August 5, 2022

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The best tools for the storage of data and data analysis is Excel. A millions of columns and rows are created. Various kind of work is automated. For instance, Excel is ideal for grading students or keeping up with employee work schedules. Representation of a person's last name or some other category can be done in a column.

In Excel columns are used for organization, and are often used as categories with headers to sort cells. Once table is created, even then you can add additional rows and columns with so much ease. Either you add new cells within the current range or you add columns adjacent to the table, they will automatically be formatted in order to match the current table style. 
Imagine being happy with yourself for completing all your Excel data entry projects for work. Suddenly, you receive a call from your boss and you are informed that you need to add more data to the spreadsheet.
You'll have to add at least another column to the existing sheet. It's becomes hard, but fortunately it won't take long. Working in Excel on your PC makes the steps to add another column to Excel quite same and easy.
There are various methods to add columns to the Excel sheet
Let's talk about some of them

How to add columns in excel using Keyboard shortcut?

Firstly, let's learn about the quickest and most used method of adding a column in Excel. It works as follows
1.Open Excel on your PC. CTRL + Shift + + to add column. But, before you press any key, you have to select the column that you want to move forward by adding a new column to its place.

3.That's how your screen will appear

How to add columns in excel using Insert?

1.. Select an entire column. An entire column is selected by clicking on its letter name at the top. For example we are selecting letter A

2. Right-click anywhere in the column.

3. Click Insert from the menu.

Now you have an empty column of cells directly before the one you clicked on and you can add whatever data you want with so much ease.

How to add multiple columns in excel?

1.In order to insert multiple columns, select the same number of columns you'd like to add. For instance, if you'd like to insert two new columns, select two existing columns and if you want to add three more columns you need to select three existing columns.

2.Right-click anywhere in the highlighted columns.

3. Click Insert.  Same number of columns will be inserted as you have selected.

A person who is an experienced Excel user, might not even think twice when adding a new column or a new row in Excel, but navigating through it can be a hard work and challenging for Excel beginner.
Losing track of all the rows and columns is easy, so when these basics are pinned down, it will go a long way towards getting your spreadsheets organized just right way. Adding new rows, formatting cells, deleting, and hiding items is the foundation for becoming skillful in Excel.

Did you learn about How to add columns to excel Spreadsheets?

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