How to add data analysis in excel online

July 21, 2022

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One of the most often used programmes for data analysis is WPS spreadsheet. They are without a doubt the most sought-after analytical tool accessible since they have built-in pivot tables. You can simply import, browse, clean, analyse, and display your data using this all-in-one data management tool. The many approaches to data analysis in Excel will be covered in this article.

Sorting in excel online, 2016 and 2019:

1. Data sorting is a highly important and crucial component of data analysis. Your Excel data can be sorted by a number of columns, or even just one. Ascending or descending order can also be used while sorting.

2. Click on any cell in the column you wish to sort in the first step.

3. Next, select AZ from the Sort & Filter group on the Data tab to sort the results in ascending order.

4. The result would be:

Multiple columns in excel:

1. On the Data tab, under the Sort & Filter group, select Sort by clicking on it.

2. Include the levels you wish to sort by.

3. Click on ok.'

Filtering in excel:

1. In your data, click on any single cell.

2. Go to Data Tab, Sort and Filter, and then click Filter.

3. You'll see that the columns now have arrowheads in them.

4. Now you may filter based on your requirements.

COUNTIF in excel:

Excel's COUNTIF function is frequently used to count the number of cells in a range that match a single condition.

1. Let's count the items that are more than 100.

SUMIF in excel:

1. The total of the cells that satisfy a single condition is returned by the Excel SUMIF function.

2. Let's compute the cells based on the numbers that satisfy the requirements by using the SUMIF function.

PIVOT Table in excel:

The most useful and potent feature of Excel is said to be pivot tables. They help us summarise the information included in a table. To draw emphasis to important and significant data, they rearrange and reorganise statistics (or pivot). It makes it easier to clearly, simply, and manageably view the pertinent facts you want from a very huge data set.

1. The example data that we'll be using has 41 records and three fields for the buyer information. This information is ideal for comprehending the pivot table.

2. To insert pivot table, Click on any data set cell.

3. Click PivotTable under the Tables group on the Insert tab.

4. Hit OK. The pivot table worksheet will then be produced.

Note: This article was an attempt to show you how to add data analysis in excel online, 2016 and 2019 in both windows and mac. 

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