How to add dropdown menu in excel

August 5, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Do you wonder how to be more efficient in Excel? Drop-down menu is one of the very helpful tools in Excel, particularly when one is providing guidelines for the users or making any forms. When we talk about data, Excel come to our mind instantly. When you want users to select from given options instead of typing their own values, Drop-down menu makes it easy, enabling the creator to have control of all data entries for important cells and make it look pretty cool as well. People tend to work more efficiently in worksheets when drop-down lists in cells are added. This makes drop-down list the most popular data validation tool in Excel. Fortunately process is incredibly simple 

Various methods are there to add a drop-down menu, and also various tutorials are available accordingly. One might need to use to edit those lists if a change is needed. Whenever a drop-down list is based on a range of cells, a named range, or was entered manually, a few extra steps need to be followed.
Here's a look at the use and insertion of drop-down list in each case, using the software on your PC.

1.Open an Excel worksheet

2.Add a new worksheet and type the entries that you want to have in your drop-down list. 

3.Now click the cell in the first worksheet where you need the drop-down list.

4.Go to the Data tab in the Tools group, click Data Validation

5.Look for Setting tab and in the Allow box, click List.

6. Click the Source box and highlight B3:B6 — the list items.

1.Click OK.

You will have your dropdown menu as seen here

How to add/Remove Items from dropdown-list?

Entries can be added or removed from a drop-down list in Excel without opening the 'Data Validation' dialog box and making any change in the range reference, and thus reduce the time it may take to enter data in worksheet.

1.When an item needs to be added, go to the items and select an item.
2.Right click, and then click Insert.

3.Select “cells down
4.Click OK.

5.Type a new item.

When an item needs to be deleted from a drop-down list, 
1.See step 2
2.Click Delete
3.Select Shift cells up 
4.Click OK.

Adding a dropdown menu in Excel is easy, and you have a number of options to choose from. What method you use depends on how many cells you want to enable with one list of items. 
When used effectively, Excel can be a beneficial tool in your business, a home, or simply need a budget.

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