How To Add Formula on Excel

August 8, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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In this article we will explain to you How To Add Formula On Excel. Sometimes one of the basic features in Excel is most times the easiest one. You will find out that most excel projects require some certain basic knowledge in maths. We will be explaining in detail how to add an excel formula. In this case, we are going to be talking about adding cells. However, there are various ways you can accomplish your goal. One of the primary methods is to use the plus (+) sign formula. With this, you will be able to specify the exact numbers you would want to add before and after the plus (+) sign, and this Excel feature adds those specific numbers for you.

 Another easy way to add on Excel Formula is the Auto Sum feature. This feature enables you to automatically detects the required number range and this feature also makes a sum of those selected numbers for you. With the Auto Sum feature, you don't need to know the formula; Excel automatically writes the formula for you. Another method that explains how to add an Excel formula is the SUM function. With this feature, you can now specify in a formula the cell ranges that you require and want to add, and Excel and it calculates the sum of exact numbers for you. Below is the detailed list of steps on how to add to the excel formula.

Adding Numbers Using The Plus Sign 

In a Mac 2016 to 2019, these are the various ways on how to add on the Excel Formula in Excel.

For you to enter a formula, Follow the instructions below.

  1. Select your desired cell you want the result to be displayed.

2. For Excel to know that you want to enter a formula, you to type an equal sign (=).Replace 2 and 8 in the formula with the numbers that you want to add; that is =2+8 then click on the Enter Key. The result is  displayed on the cell.

Adding Numbers Using AutoSum

One of the best things about using Excel is that the AutoSum command feature can automatically detect the specific numbers that you want to add and it performs the calculation for you immediately in Mac 2016 to 2019

1. Click on the cell that is next to where your numbers are located. In the following example, you will click the A1

2. At the top is the Excel ribbon

3. Click on the “Home” tab.

4. At the “Editing” section that is on the right, you click the “AutoSum” icon. It will be displayed as this.

This will enable Excel to select the number range and highlight it automatically. 

Finally, to perform the sum of these numbers, click on the Enter on your keyboard.

Adding Numbers Using The Sum Function

This is the most popular add function in an Excel Spreadsheet.

  1. Click on the cell in which you aim at displaying the result. In this example, click the A3 cell.

2. In the cell A3 (or any other cell of your choice you chose to display the answers in), then type the following formula =SUM(A3:A6)

This formula automatically adds the numbers in the cells between A3 and A6, with those cells included.

 You can change the range that suits your numbers range.

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