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July 22, 2022

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Knowing the most appropriate ways how to add gridlines in excel goes hand in hand with the simplest operation of the program, but this does not mean that everyone knows how to do it. The same happens with other elements, such as the sums between figures in the cells and creating a custom footer, for example.

When needing how to add gridlines in excel, it is mostly about details and formalities that are not always required in a document. However, sometimes it's a great tool for smoothing out your spreadsheet, so here you'll learn the best ways to do it with detailed and helpful steps.

How to add gridlines in excel from Windows?

The Windows operating system is one of those that respond in a simpler way to the question of how to add gridlines in excel 2016, also offering the opportunity to apply this strategy with more current versions of the program. To do this, it is necessary to comply with the following steps:

Open the worksheet you are going to edit.

Click File and select Options, giving an expanded Excel window of these options.

Click the Advanced option found on the left panel.

Scroll down to Show options for this spreadsheet. It's an option in the right pane after Show options for this book.

Select the sheet without grids in the Show options for this worksheet. If you see the name of the spreadsheet you are working on, you can skip this step.

Check the box next to Show Gridlines. When the checkboxes are hidden, the checkbox is blank, so clicking the checkbox enables the checkboxes again.

Click OK, and you will see the boxes again in the spreadsheet.

How to add gridlines in excel from Mac?

The operation of how to add gridlines in excel Mac is different from the methodology applied with Windows, taking the following steps to achieve it:

Open the workbook you want to edit.

Click on the Page Layout option at the program's top.

Check the box next to View in the Grid Lines section. The boxes will be visible on the enabled page as long as this is enabled.

If you want to see the checkboxes when printing, check the box next to Print so that the lines are visible.

How to add gridlines in excel with borders and cells from Windows and Mac?

As you may have noticed, the question of how to add gridlines in excel 2019 answered before for both operating systems, but now you will learn how to place borders on cells. This implies simple steps in which you can do it in several cells at the same time within the same sheet, being as follows:

Open the worksheet in Excel in the way that corresponds to your operating system.

Select the range of cells to which you want to place the borders. You can add the border to each cell or the range you select.

Tap Start at the top.

Click the arrow next to the Borders image to bring up the list of border styles.

Select the border style you want to use. If you want darker lines on each grid, you should select All Borders. If not, you can choose an option such as Outer Borders, thus giving a full border to the range.

Click the arrow next to Borders to customize again.

Tap More Borders at the bottom of the menu.

Choose the border preferences you want to render.

Click OK, and you will see the border customization in the range.

In case you want how to add gridlines in excel online, this operation also applies to cloud options and tools such as Google. With this, you will be able to know, in any case, how to add gridlines in excel before any future customization.

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