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How to add hyperlink in excel cell text

July 31, 2023

If you want to be the best worker in the company, you may find it hard to deepen the tools of the most used programs such as Excel. It is time for you to learn how to add hyperlink in Excel in three ways without wasting much time. Next, you will be shown how to add hyperlink in excel Online within a new file, for a web page, or within a document.

When you learn how to add hyperlink in excel 2019, you will allow your work to look professional, which could catch your employer's attention. On the other hand, knowing how to use these tools is necessary if you want to be at the same level of knowledge as your co-workers.

How to add a hyperlink in Excel within a new file?

The first method you should apply to find out how to add hyperlink in excel 2016 is by using a new file. The only thing you will need to do is the following:

1. Open a new Excel file

2. Select a cell, click on the insert tab, and then select the hyperlink option.

3. Within the hyperlink box, you must click on create a new document. Now you must enter the text of the new hyperlink and click on ok.

How to add a hyperlink in Excel to a web page?

If you are looking to learn how to add hyperlink in excel Mac or on your Windows computer but are focused on a web page, you will have to:

1. Open the Excel document again and select the cell where you want the hyperlink to appear.

2. You will have to click on the insert tab between home and page layout.

3. Click on the hyperlink found in the links group.

4. In the hyperlinks box, you will have to click on existing file or web page, which would be the first option on the left.

5. You must place the text to the hyperlink inside the text to display option.

6. Place a destination which could be current folder, scanned pages, or files, depending on the situation. As it is an explored web page, you will only have to indicate its link again and click on ok.

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How to add a hyperlink in Excel within a document?

One last method that you should try to wrap up learning how to add hyperlink in Excel is by applying it to a document.

1. Open a new Excel document, select the cell where the hyperlink will appear, and go to the insert tab.

2. Click on hyperlink located within the links group, and in its dedicated box, you will have to select place in this document.

3. You will have to enter the hyperlink's text in the text to display box. Finally, click on ok and save changes.

You may have found it easy to know how to add hyperlink in Excel after expanding on the three methods explained above. However, you should seek more information on the subject to master it completely.

Choosing the Right Software

1.WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office, a powerful productivity suite, offers an array of features to enhance your Excel experience. From adding text and inserting pictures to erasing and marking, it provides seamless text content editing and supports multiple format interconversion. Moreover, you can easily incorporate watermarks and other signatures for a professional touch.

2.Excel Easy

Excel Easy, a website that offers free tutorials and examples on how to use Microsoft Excel. Excel Easy is designed to help beginners and advanced users to learn and master Excel skills, from the basics to the most complex features.



SimonSezIT is a reputable online learning platform that provides high-quality video tutorials and training courses on various software applications and technology topics. With their user-friendly approach and comprehensive content, SimonSezIT empowers individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge in Excel, programming, graphic design, and more.


1.How do I remove hyperlinks in Excel?

To remove hyperlinks in Excel, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 Select the cell or range of cells containing the hyperlinks that you want to remove.

Step 2 Right-click on the selected cell(s) and choose "Remove Hyperlink" from the context menu.

Select remobe hyperlink

The hyperlinks will be removed, leaving only the plain text or values in the cells.

2.Can I create hyperlinks in Excel Online?

There is no need to worry about this issue.Wps Office can support this function With WPS Office, you can easily add hyperlinks to your Excel spreadsheets. Whether you want to link to websites, files, or specific locations within the document, WPS Office provides the necessary tools and options to create and manage hyperlinks effectively.

3.How do I change the color of hyperlinks in Excel?

Step 1: Open your Excel

Step 2: On the menu bar, pick the Page Layout tab, then click the down arrow in the Colors button and select Customize Colors from the drop-down list. 

pick the Page Layout tab

Step 3: In the Create New Theme Colors box, choose your preferred hyperlink and following hyperlink colors.

Select your color


In conclusion, this ultimate guide has provided comprehensive insights into creating hyperlinks in Excel. We have covered various methods, including adding hyperlinks within new files, linking to web pages, and creating hyperlinks within documents. Additionally, we have emphasized the importance of selecting the right software.

Among the notable options, WPS Office shines as a powerful productivity suite. Its features, such as seamless text content editing, support for multiple format interconversion, and the ability to add watermarks and signatures, enhance the Excel experience. With WPS Office, you can effortlessly incorporate hyperlinks into your spreadsheets, boosting efficiency and creating professional-looking documents.

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