How to Add Months to date in Excel? (2 Easiest Methods)

July 22, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Excel with its grid cells is a vast spreadsheet that plays an essential role in answering finances, management, and statistics. This software with its interactive features has become a major part of individuals' lives. Moreover, Microsoft with many of its command-line controls how excel operates.

Excel with its so many functions, lets its user have a choice that he/she with the help of the EDATE function can add months to date. This function can be very helpful in modeling finances where you have to adjust the time periods. This article is about giving you a step-by-step method.

For instance, if you need a model on monthly basis, you should add one month to the start date. And if it is quarterly add 3 months to your start date.

Manage to add month to date by using Excel formula:

The step-to-step method for adding a month to date is mentioned below:

  1. Make sure the starting date format is proper- go for the Format Cell (Ctrl 1) and be assured about setting the date

  1. Input the EDATE formula in order to add specific months number in the start date, where the selected cell should be of the current date and the other cell should be equal to it.

  1. Again assure that the resulted number is properly formatted and is not in the form of a general number (Ctrl+1 and date)

The Edate formula is:


Now, this Edate formula is very direct and easier to use for both professionals and beginners.

Managing to add months to Date in Excel by using the Month and Date Function:

The second method that excel is providing us is the month and date function. Here, the dates of months which we are supposed to find will be switched by using this method.



Add months to date using other Functions:


As excel always manages to provide us with more than one solution, here we have our last payment section. But, we have to find the due date having a period of 6 months.

Note: the date should be formatted properly else an error will occur.

Now, as we know the flash fill in excel is very quick and efficient. So, we can easily get our data by putting in just two cell values and the excel will sense a pattern, and now all you are supposed to do is drag it to the bottom or according to your needs.

Congratulations, you are familiar with several ways to successfully add months to date in an Excel spreadsheet!

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