How to add password to excel file 2007

July 21, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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 When you use a computer, there are always some work or some excel files that you don't want people to find out. Excel, after all, is used by not only the typical person, but also corporations, government agencies, and millions of other people throughout the world. Whether you're making graphs, converting PDFs, or simply entering rows and rows of data, learning how to password-protect an Excel file is the best method to keep your data safe.

How to add password to excel online, 2016 and 2019

1. Open the document in excel that you want to secure.

2. Click on file, followed by info.

3. After that, select the Protect Workbook option. Select Encrypt with Password from the drop-down option.

4. After that, Excel will ask you to enter a password. Choose a password that is both complex and unique, then store it in your password manager.

It's critical that you remember it or have a duplicate of it in a safe place because if you don't, you'll lose access to the Excel file and retrieving it will be difficult. There's no way to recover a forgotten password, so store it in a password manager or another safe place in case you forget it.

5. Excel will prompt you to enter your newly chosen password every time you try to open that file from now on. This password only protects that one Excel document, not all of the Excel documents on your computer. You'll need to password-protect each Excel file separately or look into more extensive security if you want all Excel files to be protected in the same way.

6. If you want to see if an Excel file is password-protected, go to the Info tab for the document and look under the Protect Workbook section. It will inform you whether or not you need a password to open it.

After you've password-protected your most important files, it's time to think about adding further levels of protection to your system. Encrypting a large number of records is the simplest technique to safeguard them. Fortunately, encryption software is not difficult to come by. Bitlocker, a built-in encryption feature in Windows 10 Professional, is available to users. Still, you may try Crypto Expert 8 or VeraCrypt open source downloads if you want a free version with a lot of customising possibilities for a variety of data types.

Additional security oprions on excel

If required, Excel also lets you add more specific security features to your file. It's critical to understand what these additional settings accomplish in order to build the appropriate security for your project. You'll discover numerous other capabilities under Protect Document that you could find useful:

Mark as Final

 This will identify the file as complete, indicating that no further modifications should be made. However, because this option does not encrypt data behind a password, it provides no protection.

Protect current sheet

 This will encrypt the currently chosen worksheet using a password, preventing unauthorised modifications. It's a good choice if you simply want to secure one sheet in the workbook and don't mind if people view the information - you just don't want them fiddling with it. You'll see that Workbook Structure also has this option, which secures data across the workbook from modifications until the password is entered.

Restrict Access

Access to Excel files should be restricted for businesses in particular. Even though all employees have access to the company's system, some are not permitted to open particular papers. The Restrict Access function backs up the security templates that IT has created to keep Excel files protected from certain users. It's useful in large gatherings when some individuals require data but don't need to go in and out of the text.

Note: This was an attempt to make you understand how to add password or password protect your excel files online, 2016 and 2019 in both Windows and Mac.

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