How to add rows in Excel (Easy Shortcut)

July 25, 2022

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One of the most used functions in Excel are the rows or columns, since you can create accounting tables. Excel has become one of the most used tools in the world, due to the functions it can offer. If you need to add rows, you can opt for the guide on how to add rows in Excel, in case you don't know how to place it.

By adding rows in the Excel table, you will be able to place your data and have a much more organized work. With this method, you will see how easy it is and you will be able to apply it as many times as necessary, that is why here you have this guide on how to add rows in Excel. In case you don't know how to create a table, you can also get more information in other articles.

How to add rows in Excel 2019?

Adding rows or columns is an easy task if you use these tools that you will learn today with the guide on how to add rows in Excel. Everything is possible Excel, for that reason, is one of the most used tools to carry out work.

1. Select any cell in the row, when doing so, click “Home”.

2. Click on “Insert”.

3. Click on “Insert rows in the sheet”.

Note: You can right click on the row number to insert or delete the rows.

How to add one or more rows in an excel document?

All users who work with Excel should know how to use the size handle in the upper corner. In the manual of how to add rows in Excel, you will be able to observe a fast and efficient method of how to add several rows.

1. Select the rows, where you want to insert the new blank rows.

Tip: You can use a shortcut to select the rows, press Shift + Space.

2. Click on the “Insert” tab.

3. Having the rows inserted, start placing the data.

How to add rows in Excel Mac?

1. Open the Excel sheet, it can be a blank or an existing one.

2. Select the row by clicking the number on the far left of the sheet. The new row will be created in the row above or in the selected rows.

Note: You can press the keys “Control + Shift + +” automatically the row above will appear.

The rows are the most used in all kinds of accounting work or to keep track of a list. The how to add rows in Excel guide offers a variety of information, which allows you to learn various techniques. This way you will achieve a much more professional and optimal job, by using the most fundamental tools.

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