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How to add title to excel chart

July 27, 2022

It may be time for you to learn how to add title to excel chart using a couple of simple methods. If you are dedicated to the data management of the company you work for, you may find that you know a few things. Excel is a complete program you will undoubtedly use daily in your work without any problem.

The process of how to add title to excel chart Online is quite simple and you can choose the one you like the most. You could try to learn how to add a title to a chart in Excel after following a few steps and even customize the element. On the other hand, you will also have the joy of learning how to add axis title in Excel.

How to add a title to a chart in Excel?

For you to know how to add title to excel chart 2016 in a simple way you will only have to:

1. Open the Excel document where you are the company chart.

2. Click anywhere on the chart and go to the design tab, which is dedicated to charts.

3. You will have to look for the add chart element option on the left side of the dedicated interface. Click chart title and position the title where you want it.

4. Finally, you have to click on the writing above the graphic to edit it to your liking.

How could you change the title of a chart in Excel?

Now that you understand how easy it is to know how to add title to excel chart Mac or Windows, you could try changing the element. For this procedure, you will have to:

1. Select the title of the chart you previously created.

2. Go to the layout tab and add chart element.

3. You must click on chart title and more title options. Then you will only have to enter the format graph title box and thus have access to other settings.

How to add the title of the axis in Excel?

One last method you should learn after knowing how to add title to excel chart 2019 is when you try to add the title to an axis. This time you will have to do the following:

1. You should first select the graphic and then go to the design tab.

2. You must click on add chart element and axis title. Then in the axis title box, you can enter the text you want for the graph.

How to add title to excel chart may be a lengthy process, but it's worth learning for the dynamism it will bring to your file. You also have three effective methods that you might like to put the tool to good use. It is good that you take your time in executing these methods, and you can have the best result.

If all the content on how to add title to excel chart has been helpful to you, do not forget to follow those websites that presented the guide. You can continue to investigate the use of various tools in Excel and thus become an expert in the software. On the other hand, you can also learn how to use other office programs like Word and PowerPoint.

Knowing how to add title to excel chart should be a priority in your life, so you should not ignore any of the methods. You should also do your best to download WPS Office, knowing that it is a necessary program for your office work.

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