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How to add trendline in excel line graph

July 22, 2022

By adding a trend line, you'll help your audience understand a bit more about your viewing data. Now you have the ease of adding trend lines to charts, and best of all, you can format them. How is it possible? Use the guide on how to add trendlines in excel to get more knowledge.

The first thing you should do to know how to add trendline in excel is to follow the step by steps to the letter. If you don't have a chart, you can create one; if you don't know how to do it, you can choose to go to the WPS Academy articles. You must know how to choose the ideal graph so that your data is in perfect condition.

How to add trendline in excel 2019?

Next, you will have some tips for learning how to add trendline in excel to your graphs. You will see that they are easy to place and give you the desired value.

1. Select the chart, click on it and then click on the + (Plus) icon, which is on your right.

2. Enter the menu, select Chart elements when opening the window, and click on the Trend line box. When checked, it will appear on the chart.

3. The trend line will be inserted by default. If you want to change it, enter Trend line, and a submenu with several lines will appear.

How to format a trendline in excel?

You will see that formatting a trend line is super easy; here is this guide on how to add trendline in excel. It shows you how you can do it through techniques that excel offers you.

1. Click on the chart to access the tools and the Trend Line tab. click the right arrow to get more options.

2. The Format Trend Line panel will appear on the right side of excel; under Fill and Line, you can format the trend line. You can convert it into a solid or degraded line and change the width and color, among others.

3. The first option, trendline options,  allows you to add special effects, such as shadow, borders, and brightness.

4. In Trend line options, you can choose the type of trend line, and you will see several additional styles.

5. You have the option to configure a Forecast.

6. The trend line will go beyond the data point.

7. You can also choose an intercept.

8. You will display the Equation and R-Squared value, the trend line on the graph.

How to add trendline in excel Mac?

Mac also offers similar functions as in a standard PC, but you will still be able to learn the procedure. The how to add trendline in the excel guide is one of the best and shows a variety of information to the users.

1. select the graph of your preference. If you don't have one ready, you can choose to create it. After selecting the chart, click on Chart Layout.

2. Click the Add Chart Element button.

3. Click on Trendline and select the option you want to place on your chart. If you want more options, select the Trendline Options tab.

WPS Academy is in charge of offering the best articles on how to add trendline in excel. In this way, many users can learn about specific tools they did not know they could use in excel. With the guide on how to add trendline in excel online, everything will be much easier, and you will be able to create graphs and place the trend lines to show the value.

In addition to the how to add trendline in the excel guide, you can also find more articles with all kinds of features. You can download WPS Office to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on your mobile device. It is free, and there you can find more about how to add trendline in excel 2016.

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