How to calculate percentage increase and decrease in Excel

January 6, 2022
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Sometimes we need to apply a percentage change to a value. Here are the steps to calculate the percentage increase or decrease by using a simple formula.

This calculation involves two numbers, the original and new, and you can use the following formula to perform it:

Percentage Change=(New-Original)/Original

In the given example, the sales of coffee in October is 790, 821 in November and 805 in December.

lTo calculate percentage increase

You need to replace the numbers with cell references in the formula to calculate the percentage increase between October and November with the formula =SUM(B3-B2)/B2. Then it returns 0.04.


lTo calculate percenetage decrease

Similarly, you can use the exactly same formula to perform this calculation, which is =SUM(B4-B3)/B3.


lTo set cell number type to percentage

You can also change the decimal number to a percentage by clicking Cell Style>Number Format>Percent.


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