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How to combine debit and credit columns in WPS Office Excel

February 18, 2022

Welcome to WPS Official Academy to check the contents of how to combine debit and credit columns in Excel.

· What is Debits and Credits?

According to WIKIPEDIA, debits and credits in double entry bookkeeping are entries made in account ledgers to record changes in value resulting from business transactions. A debit entry in an account represents a transfer of value to that account, and a credit entry represents a transfer from the account.

Debits and credits are traditionally distinguished by writing the transfer amounts in separate columns of an account book. Alternately, they can be listed in one column, indicating debits with the suffix Dr or writing them plain, and indicating credits with the suffix Cr or a minus(-) sign. Despite the use of a minus sign, debits and credits do not correspond directly to positive and negative numbers.

· Steps to combine debit and credit columns in WPS Spreadsheet

In some special cases, we may need to combine the debit and credit columns. Here we will learn how to combine the two columns, and at the same time, write debits plain and mark credits with minus signs.

There is no doubt that you can copy and paste the items and add minus signs to credits one by one, but it would be a waste of time especially when there is a large amount of data.

In WPS Office, you can use the Paste Special feature to combine the two columns quickly.

Here we take a table as an example.

1. Select the Credits column(Column C here) and copy it, and its shortcut key is Ctrl+C.

2. Select the Debits column(Column B here) and right-click to get a pop-up window, and click Paste Special.

3. Then in the pop-up dialog, select Subtract at Operation, and click OK. It means to subtract the values of the Credits column from the Debits column, so we can get the credits with minus signs.

4. Now you can delete column C and change the header of column B.

With these simple steps, you are able to combine debit and credit columns in WPS Spreadsheet quickly and freely. Did you get it?

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