How to convert image to PDF files with WPS Office

November 30, 2022

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Benefits of downloading image to pdf converter
How to download the WPS image to a pdf converter for free?

Are you looking for answer to your problem “how to convert image to PDF?” Throughout these centuries, a great deal of change and revolution took place. A major revolution has taken place in the field of information technology and communication. As the computer world has grown, the needs and uses of documents have also changed completely. In the past, we used to protect our documents with laminations and envelopes. Furthermore, we kept a copy of all important documents with us, for any urgent use, but now you should keep a soft copy. You can accomplish this by downloading WPS image to pdf converter software for PC.

All of this can be done at home for free. You can take images of your certificates and documents with your mobile phone to keep them in soft form. As pdf is a more reliable and safe format for documents, you should take a clear photo of them and then convert them to pdf. For this purpose, you can download WPS image to pdf converter software for PC. Using it, you can convert your image files into PDF files. For future use, you can keep these converted files on a flash drive. It is compatible with both Windows PCs and mobile phones.

Benefits of downloading image to pdf converter

It will be beneficial for you on many occasions to have pdf files of your important documents on your flash drive. For instance, you are on your way to some personal task when you see a signboard advertising walk-in interviews for a vacant position and your degree matches the requirements. Here's your chance to get a good job within a few hours. If you succeed in proving your qualification on the spot, you may take advantage of the offer. 

Imagine how useful it would be to have soft files of all your important documents in the above-quoted situation! Therefore, you should download free image to pdf converter software for your Windows computer. You will not have to carry and maintain a heavy file containing your important documents.

How to download the WPS image to a pdf converter for free?

Once you understand how important and beneficial it is to have an image to pdf converter, you need to download and install it. You can use our free software to convert images to PDF on any Windows computer. All operating systems are compatible with it. Start your PC or laptop's browser. Visit the official website of WPS. Find the download link for the software you need. Download the latest edition of the free image to pdf converter by clicking the download button. Enjoy this free software by installing it. Android users can download their software from the Google Play Store.


In a nutshell, WPS IT services are awesome. WPS provides all essential software to its users. WPS office software can be beneficial to you. With premium features, it includes Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. Download WPS office now from the official site. Simply install and enjoy.