How to convert PDF to CAD?

October 19, 2022

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In the interior design industry, designers generally can only get architectural drawings in PDF format. If they need to carry out interior design on architectural drawings, they need to redraw a CAD drawing from scratch, which is inefficient and often requires overtime work.

WPS Office can not only convert CAD to PDF but also support PDF to CAD conversion, which brings lots of convenience to interior designers. Only with several steps, you can now enhance your productivity! 

You can convert 2 pages of a PDF file for free. If you often need to work with a large number of drawings, it is recommended that you upgrade to WPS Premium, so that you can work with multiple pages and files at once.

OK, let's begin!
Step 1: Open WPS Office, click More in the lower left corner of the home page, click PDF to CAD, and then select the files to be converted and drag them directly into the dialog box.

Step 2: The setting interface is very simple. Click the Settings button in the upper right corner, you can set a time limit, which will automatically stop when the given time is exceeded. The file storage location can be set in the lower left corner.
Generally, the CAD drawing file has 3 common formats, including DWG, DXF, and DWT. Click Format to switch to the desired format. You can also add files at any time by clicking Add File.

Step 3: Click Start Conversion and you're done!
After conversion, straight lines will be turned into editable geometric objects. The accuracy of the generated CAD drawings will largely depend on the quality of the original PDF. So what are you waiting for, try it out!