How to convert PDF to editable Word online

November 30, 2022

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Do you want to convert PDF to Editable Word? and are still looking for software to convert PDF to Editable Word file? The wait is over now. Now you can convert PDF to Editable Word online with the help of an online pdf to editable Word converter. It is easy to use and reliable too.

Are you worriedabout your document’s safety? Or you don't have enough time to download the entire software. You don't need to worry about that because with the help of the WPS Office online editor you can easily convert PDF to Editable Word online. It is just a matter of seconds.

All your private documents are completely saved, and they get removed after one hour. The most exciting part about this is that it is completely free.If you are looking for a complete package in which you can use multiple features, then you can download the software of WPS Office. It is for both Mac and windows, and it is the perfect software for your PC. It is easy to use as well.

You just have to follow a simple set of instructions to convert PDF into Editable Word online. It will give you accurate results without changing your formatting.

Steps for converting PDF to Editable Word file

Follow the below-mentioned steps to convert PDF Files to Word online in less than a minute.

1. Open PDF to Docx convertor online.

2. Press “Select PDF File” and then you can select thefile. After selecting the desired file and press “open”.

3. After you have selected the desired file, it will upload the selected PDF File.

4. After the successful uploading of the file, you will see a notification saying, “conversion succeed!”. Then you can download the converted file by clicking on “Download”.

5. You can see the downloaded file in in the bottom of your window or you can check it in the downloads folder.

6. After opening the converted file you can edit it.

Advantages of online WPS editor

WPS Office offers you a wide range of features that can make your things simpler. It is best for both Mac and Windows and works perfectly on the PC. Most of the features are free. hopefully, you learned how to convert PDF to Editable Word online. The online editor of the WPS Office is really amazing and it is safe and gives you results with accuracy without changing the font and formatting of your document. So go and try it yourself.


Now you must have learned how to Convert PDF to Editable Word online using an online converter. If you want to know more about the features of the online editor of the WPS Office, then you can check out our website for more.

What are you waiting for? Go and install WPS Office and start using it today. WPS Office is easy to download, and it is user-friendly software.

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