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How to Convert PDF to JPG [For Accountants]

May 27, 2024

As a writer, I understand the importance of efficiency in handling tasks, and for accountants, dealing with vast amounts of data is no exception. One common need is converting PDF documents to JPG format, especially for tasks like extracting images from financial reports, digitizing receipts, and sharing documents with clients. Fortunately, there are reliable PDF to JPG for accountants available, and I'll guide you through the process and recommend the best tool for the job.

How to Convert PDF to JPG [For Accountants]

Why PDF to JPG Conversion Matters in Accounting

Accounting demands critical data management, where every detail counts. And where detail is concerned it is important that accountants extract relevant information from plenty of resources available. This means converting PDFs to JPGs in accounting in order to streamline tasks by enabling the extraction of crucial visuals like charts and graphs for thorough analysis. Moreover, digitizing receipts into JPG format simplifies storage and retrieval, ensuring seamless record-keeping processes.

When to Convert PDF to JPG in Accounting

I've spent a lot of time understanding various professions, including accounting. Through this, I've identified several scenarios where converting PDFs to JPGs can be particularly beneficial for accountants. Here are a few key instances:

Extracting Images from Reports

In my experience, as a writer, I've come to understand the importance of extracting images from financial reports for presentations or detailed analysis. However, if I were an accountant, this process would be even more critical. Accountants often need to visually represent complex financial data for clients or stakeholders, making the ability to convert PDFs to JPGs invaluable for enhancing the clarity and impact of their presentations or reports.

Digitizing Receipts

For accountants, this is a daily reality, and digitizing receipts by converting scanned PDFs to JPGs is essential for keeping things organized. This not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures that all financial records are neatly stored and easily retrievable within accounting software. So, if you're tired of sifting through piles of paper receipts, converting them to JPG format is the way to go.

Keep a JPG copy of your Digital Receipts

Sharing Documents

Sharing documents is a frequent task for accountants. As an accountant, you often need to collaborate with colleagues or communicate with clients. Converting specific pages or images from financial reports to JPG format makes sharing them across different platforms and devices seamless. This not only enhances collaboration but also ensures that everyone can access and understand the financial information you're sharing.

How to Convert PDF to JPG Using WPS Office (All Platforms)

Maintaining records is essential, but it doesn’t have to take up excessive storage space. I prefer to keep my receipts for tax filing purposes and store them efficiently by converting my receipt PDFs to JPEG images. This approach helps conserve storage space and makes them easier to view using WPS Photos.  To make it more stress-free, I use the all-in-one office suite, which makes the conversion of these PDFs a breeze. So, let’s learn how to convert PDFs to JPG images using WPS Office on both PC and mobile devices.

PDF to JPG on Computer/Laptop

If you are using your PC or laptop, just follow these steps to convert your PDF to JPG images:

Step 1: I have the financial results of a company I’m invested in open in WPS PDF, and it includes several extra pages covering financial details. However, I only need a snapshot of their income statement.

Step 2: Following the opening of the PDF file, locate and click the "Menu" button positioned at the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Subsequently, opt for the “Export” function, then select "Picture" from the dropdown menu that appears.

WPS PDF Export to Picture

Step 4: Now, we have the Export to Picture window in front of us, which allows us to adjust the conversion settings.

Step 5: Let’s start with the main purpose of this conversion, which is to convert our PDF to JPG. To do this, select "JPG" in the Format field.

Select Image format

Step 6: Now, let’s move on to other settings, such as the Export Type field, where you can select either "Long picture" or "By Page".

Export Type

If you select "Long picture", you will get a single JPG image with all the selected pages, whereas selecting "By Page" will convert individual pages into separate JPG images.

Step 7: Next, we can choose to add a watermark to our converted image in the Watermark field. This is optional, so I will select "no".

Add Watermark to Image

Adding a watermark can be helpful if you are converting income statements to JPG, as it can help you quickly identify which company the statement belongs to.

Step 8: You can also select the pages you would like to convert in the Pages field. Simply select "Page Range" and then type in the page numbers.

Set a Page Range

Step 9: Quality is an important setting that needs some consideration. I will select "Standard (200%)" in the Quality field to save space, but if it’s an important document and quality matters, you could select the "Best (600%)" option.

Select Quality of converted image

Note: If you have selected Export Type as "Long Image", there is only one quality option available, which is "Normal (100%)".

Step 10: Finally, choose the Export Path where the converted JPG image will be saved.

Set Export Path

Step 11: Double-check the settings, then click "Export" to convert your PDF to JPG.

Export PDF to JPG Image

The PDF to JPG converter in WPS Office is an essential tool for accountants. It not only helps in keeping accurate records but also provides a comprehensive suite of office tools, such as WPS Spreadsheet, which allows accountants to save data and create clear financial statements effortlessly. The user-friendly interface ensures that these tasks are easy to perform, making WPS Office an invaluable asset for accounting professionals.

PDF to JPG on Mobile Phone

If you want to convert a PDF to a JPG image on your mobile phone using WPS Office, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the WPS Office mobile application.

Step 2: Tap the "Tools" icon in the toolbar positioned at the bottom.

WPS Office Mobile Tools

Step 3: Then, within the Image Processing section, choose between options like Export Long Picture or Export Pages as Image, based on your preference.

WPS PDF to JPG Image Mobile

Step 4: On the subsequent screen, select "Select Docs" to pick a PDF stored on your mobile device.

WPS Export Pages as Image in Mobile

Step 5: Select the pages you need to convert. By default, all pages are selected. To remove a page, simply tap on the page, and then click on the "Export Picture" button.

Select Page Range in WPS PDF Mobile

Step 6: Now, select the quality of the converted image. On mobile, you have two options: "Standard" and "High Quality". Select the quality you prefer and then click on "Confirm Export".

Select Quality of Converted Image in WPS PDF Mobile

Step 7: The selected pages will be converted to images and saved in your mobile gallery.

PDF exported to JPEG successfully using WPS PDF Mobile

WPS Office Mobile is a fantastic option for accountants who need efficient document conversion while on the move. Although it offers a simpler solution compared to the desktop version, it still provides the essential features needed for converting PDFs to JPG images. In my daily routine, I often receive PDF receipts, and with just a few clicks, I can convert them into JPG images to maintain my records on my mobile. Download WPS Office on your mobile device now and discover the ease of editing and conversion that the WPS Office app offers!

Benefits of Using WPS Office

Opting for WPS Office for PDF to JPG conversion has been a blessing for me. Its cross-platform compatibility means I can smoothly switch between my devices, ensuring I never miss a beat. With cloud sync, my files are always at my fingertips, perfect for accountants who need quick access to financial documents on the go. Plus, its cost-effectiveness is a win-win, saving me money without compromising on quality or efficiency.

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Streamline Workflow with WPS Office

I would admit that WPS Office is a godsend for accountants, offering features tailored to enhance productivity and streamline workflow. With its time-saving batch conversion capability, accountants can effortlessly convert multiple PDFs to JPG simultaneously, significantly reducing tedious manual tasks and saving valuable time. Additionally, its seamless integration with other WPS Office tools enables efficient document editing, collaboration, and presentation, empowering accountants to handle their tasks with ease and precision. Moreover, WPS Office's reliable performance and compatibility with various file formats eliminate the hassle of manual file conversions and troubleshooting, ensuring smooth operations and uninterrupted workflow for accountants.

WPS Office

FAQs About PDF to JPG for Accountants

1. Is there a file size limit for conversions in WPS Office?

When utilizing WPS Office for conversions, there are no file size limits. You can confidently convert files of any size without encountering any restrictions.

2. Can WPS Office preserve the quality of images when converting from PDF to JPG?

When converting from PDF to JPG, WPS Office excels at preserving the quality of images by ensuring high-resolution conversions with minimal loss of detail. This means that the resulting JPG files retain clarity and color accuracy, which is essential for professional use. On the other hand, while other tools also provide decent quality in their converted images, they may compromise on the level of detail due to image compression, resulting in some loss of image quality.

Streamline Your Accounting Workflow with WPS Office's Conversion

WPS Office has been a major blessing for me, especially because of its versatility in converting files to various formats seamlessly. One of its standout features is the ability to convert PDF to JPG for accountants without any loss of formatting, ensuring that the final output matches my expectations perfectly. I highly recommend this PDF to JPG conversion feature to accountants, as it offers them convenience and efficiency in managing their documents. With WPS Office's extensive capabilities, it's not just an office suite; it's a comprehensive tool that simplifies various tasks. Give it a try yourself and download WPS Office today!

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