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How to convert PDF to Word OCR for free

February 13, 2023

OCR operations frequently call for a variety of tools to convert between formats, such as a PDF to Word converter. A text-based PDF is typically searchable and editable out of the box. But what if the only thing in your original PDF was digital text, an image, or a photo of handwritten notes? In such situation, information cannot be found or changed until you first convert it into a text-based format. This objective is achieved via OCR, which recognizes the characters and arranges them as printable, editable, and searchable text. Discover two methods for converting PDF to Word using OCR by reading on.

How to convert PDF to OCR free:

The WPS Office - PDF Editor is by far the easiest way to turn PDF files into searchable, editable text. For both simple and complex PDF editing, conversion, signature, security, forms, and OCR operations, it is a hassle-free application. The streamlined design makes it easy to use. You can use the precise editing, annotation, and other tools you need to finish a task thanks to the straightforward controls. For instance, when you import a scanned PDF into PDF element, the OCR plugin appears right away and asks you to enable it. 

1.There is where this process's first phase begins.To perform OCR, select it.

2.You may quickly import the file by dragging it and dropping it or by selecting Open files from the menu. A notification bar will show when the document is opened asking if you want to Perform OCR on it.

3.OCR setting options.When you click that button, you'll be prompted to download and activate the plugin if you haven't previously.The next step is to modify your parameters, such as changing the required languages, to make it simpler for the software to recognize the language during conversion. Select whether you want a text document that can be edited or searched, and then click Apply to confirm the conversion.

4.Text Editing Following OCR.All text components are now editable or only searchable when you click the Edit tab after it has been changed, depending on the setting you choose in the previous stage. In edit mode, you can make changes to the text, images, and other elements just like you would in a regular PDF document.

5.Convert PDF to TXT if necessary.You can also convert the modified PDF into a text file with the.txt extension if necessary. Simply choose To Text from the list of conversion choices under Convert.

How to Free Online OCR PDF to Text Conversion:

If you're looking for a less intrusive option to having to download and install an application, take into consideration using an online service like WPS Office. All you need to do is visit the website and upload your document to convert it to OCR. With just a few additional actions, you can complete in a matter of minutes! 

You should take the following actions:Go to the WPS Office website and click OCR in the top header menu. Simply click the Choose File button or drag your file into the browser tab to upload it.Pick the output file type you want, then adjust the language to the script used on the page. You can now change it to an a.txt file.Click the Convert button and wait for your file to be made available after it has been converted.How to convert PDF to word OCR free is described in this article. For further details on the WPS office, please visit the WPS Academy website. This website also offers a best free download of WPS Office for PC, which enables you to edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents.                                

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