How to convert scanned PDF to editable Word?

October 27, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

In today's office environment, many people need to use some office software to complete the processing of documents. For example, to edit existing documents, or to scan and edit paper documents. This series of edits is best if you can use a comprehensive office suite to work. Today we will focus on how to edit documents more quickly for electronic documents that have been lost and only exist in paper format.

We all know that the scanning of paper documents can be stored in a variety of forms, and PDF is one of the storage forms, in recent years, PDF documents are becoming more and more common, because of the non-editable PDF and stability, so many people often to PDF files to store, transfer, save, etc.. Scanned PDF documents after the completion of storage, if we need to edit it, will be used in two ways.

1. The first is to directly edit

WPS Office Office Suite under the PDF format can be achieved by directly editing the function, it is too convenient!

This time you just need to open the editing function, you can add, delete and change pages in it, or add watermarks and other operations. But this is a scanned picture format PDF documents, editing is a certain limit.

2. The second way is to focus on what we want to talk about, that is, the scanned PDF is converted to editable Word

sometimes need to modify the content of PDF documents, it will be converted to word format for editing, some partners may not be clear how to convert PDF to word editable documents? If there is no computer, you can also use its APP to operate. APP can complete a variety of PDF documents in addition to the processing, but also with counting tools, scanning tools, repair photos and a variety of useful features.

WPS software is used for word, excel, ppt and other document editing office software. It can also be used for PDF format conversion.

Use WPS to open PDF files, click [PDF to Office], select [PDF to Word], click [start conversion] to complete the conversion of PDF format.

After listening to the introduction, is it convenient to achieve the conversion of scanned PDF to editable Word? You only need to download a WPS software can be solved. This is really a convenient online editing software. And this WPS Office office suite is free to download!

Now you can download it and get a free membership, all the editing operations inside are free to use, it is too convenient. Download recommended to go to the official website of WPS to download, WPS Office is to support Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and other platforms, xp, windows 7, windows 10 and other MAC systems are supported, both on the PC or cell phone, can provide users with a variety of document services.

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