How to convert text to number in Excel

August 1, 2022

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By default, numerals are oriented to the right and text to the left. You may learn how to convert text strings that represent numbers to numbers with this example. 

Convert text to a number

The Convert to Number option makes it simple to change data that has been input into Excel with an apostrophe back to number format.

1. Select the cells that you wish to return to number format first. A yellow diamond with an exclamation point in the centre will show up close to the choice.

Pick this icon. Convert to Number can be chosen from the menu.

By doing this, you will convert any text-based number you've chosen to the General numeric data format.

When all of the numbers in your selection changed from being left to right aligned in the cells, you'll know it was successful.

Making Use of Text to Column:

Another simple method for converting text to numbers in Excel is to do so all at once for a column of data. Use the Text to Column function to do this.

1. Decide which complete column of text material you wish to convert to numbers.

From the menu, choose Data. In the Data Tools area of the ribbon, choose Text to Columns.

Keep the default Delimited checkbox selected in the Wizard window and click Next.

On the following Wizard screen, choose Next once again while keeping the default Tab selected.

Lastly, make sure General is chosen under Column data format on the Wizard's final page. You can choose a new column in the Destination box to put the numerical data in, or you can just leave the one that is now chosen alone. Choose Finish.

Now that all of your data has been transformed into numeric values, you may utilise those numbers in Excel formulae and computations.

Convert text to number by modifying Cell Format

In Excel, altering the cell formatting from the Home menu is the simplest and quickest way to convert text to numbers.

How to do it:

1. Make a selection of every cell you wish to transform. If you wish to convert every cell in a column, you can choose the whole column (except the header).

Click the Home menu, then click the Text dropdown box in the Number group on the ribbon.

A list of available formats will be shown. To convert to number format, choose General. If you wish to apply one of the specialised number formats to your numerical data, you can also choose Number, Currency, Accounting, or Percentage.

Convert text to number by Paste Values Use

Use the Paste Special function if you need to relocate text cells with numbers into a different cell or column.

Choose the collection of blank cells where you wish to produce your numerical data. Select Format Cells from the pop-up menu.

Check that General is chosen as the number format in the newly opened box, then click OK.

Right-click the full column of cells that you wish to change from text to numbers, then choose Copy.

After formatting an empty column, pick the first cell in the column, right-click the cell, and then choose Paste Values. The General number format has been used to paste all of the text-formatted numbers.

This works because when you choose Paste Values, just the contents of the source cell's values—not the formatting—are copied. Instead, it makes use of the formatting for the target cell that you set up in the first step of this procedure.

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