How to convert text to numbers in excel

August 1, 2022

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Sometimes we need to know that how to convert text to numbers in excel. There are ways through which we can convert the text to numbers. A lot of information is available on internet/online and many people make use of that online information to convert text to numbers. People often go for difficult methods that are available online for converting the text to numbers.

In this post we will be explaining a very simple and easy method that can be used to convert text to numbers in excel. The method that we will be discussing in this post is by making use of Value formula. The steps that we will follow are very simple. This post will enable you to convert your text into numbers in excel sheet by using a single formula.

This guiding blog will enable to you determine if the numbers are in text format or not and then how to convert text to numbers. This method is applicable for all versions for 2016/ 2019/mac/online.

Check If Your Numbers Are In Text Format

If you want to convert or treat the numbers in excel sheet as text, you need to change the format from number format to text format. There are few simple steps that you need to follow to convert the number format to text format.

To check if your numbers are in text format, they must be on the left side of the cell. If not then it means it is not in text format. It is important to check if your numbers are in text format or not because people often make this mistake and don’t convert the number format into text format. These steps work for all versions for 2016/2019/mac/online.

To convert into text, you need to:

1. Select the desired cells and then from home tab click general which is next to wrap cells.

2. A drop down dialogue will open and from there you can click on text, this will convert your digits to text.

How To Convert Text To Numbers In Excel By Using Value Function Of Converting Text To Numbers

By following the steps mentioned below you can easily convert your text. Just keep on following these simple steps and you can convert your text into numbers in just seconds. These steps are applicable to all versions i.e., 2016/2019/mac/online

1. In cells enter different text.

2. Click an empty cell, and then click on the formula tab after that press the insert function (a new menu tab will open).

3. In the tab write value and press ok.

4. A new dialogue box will be visible.

5. Select the cell which you want to convert and then press ok.

6. The numeric value of the text will be converted.

7. To convert all the text into cells, drag the file handle and it will return the numeric values.

Advantages Of Value Function

The VALUE Function is useful because it helps in the conversion of string into a number. It helps in the conversion of function into a text. This function saves a lot of time, and the user does not has to write the formula again and again.

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