How to create a pivot table in excel 2016 ?

June 15, 2022

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Do you know what is the use of pivot table in excel? When you have control of an office in a prestigious company, using Excel may be a priority. Your duties at work could include using a pivot table to give order to your data.

However, you may not know what the pivot table meaning is, which is why it hasn't occurred to you to use it. But now, you might change your thoughts and enjoy the following pivot table tutorial.

How to create a pivot table?

If you are looking for a Pivot table example, you will need to know how to create it. To fulfill this purpose, you must do the following:

1 、You must open the Excel document with a selection of data. Then you will have to select the number of tables and cells you want to use for your pivot table.

2、Go to the insert tab and click on pivot table in the tables group.

3、The dedicated pivot tables box will appear where you have to click on create a pivot table. Then you will have to configure the element and click on accept.

4、Your pivot table will eventually appear along with a list of blank fields with their respective spreadsheet.

5、After creating the table, you must choose the fields to add. It is good that you check the boxes you want to add within this list of fields.

6、The previously selected fields will be added to your pivot table.

7、Automatically, the pivot table will calculate the fields you selected.

How to add a new column in the pivot table?

Now that you were able to create the pivot table, you might be interested in knowing how to add a new column:

1、You must drag the field from the field list to the columns.

2、Each pivot table will have the ability to add new columns, so you know how to take advantage of them.

How to change the column or row of the pivot table?

Another thing that you should know to apply to your pivot table is to change the column or row:

1、You will need to drag the field you want to remove out of the current area. On the other hand, you could uncheck the box within the field list.

2、You must drag the new field to the area you want.

3、Finally, the pivot table will have a correct fit to display the data.

Now that you have all the necessary knowledge about the pivot table, you should start using it in your work. It is good that you put into practice each of the previously explained methods so that you take advantage of the tool. Excel is not a difficult program, but it does require much practice, and sometimes you will need help using its tools.

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