How to create a resume template in Word

August 23, 2022

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A resume is a document of your career history that includes information on your education and work experience. You may be apprehensive about the process if you haven't developed a resume. That's understandable!

The following Word resume templates give a basic text-based format on what you should write and are meant to be a guide to customizing your specific resume into the best one for you. These Word resume templates include different fonts, colors, and font sizes. They also provide suggestions on design and layout that you can use to give your resume a professional and attractive touch.

Check out the top 10 WPS office different resume templates in Word:

1.Resume for Graduates

Students who have less work experience may decide to highlight their first work experience and their academic achievements. This Word resume will help you to represent your skills and knowledge while applying for a job. A graduate resume is for someone who has recently graduated and is just starting their career.

2.General Resume for Consultants

In the field of consulting, there are several different types of resumes. One resume, for example, is for someone in the construction field primarily focused on management and operations. On the other hand, a general resume is meant to showcase your skills when relevant and is not necessarily geared towards an industry. Download this template and make your own as per your services.

3.Blue Resume for Banking

If you are a college graduate, then easily customize the template, you can tailor the template to reflect your desired position. Mention any relevant traits during your interview, like education or skills. List any awards you have received to show you are worth hiring, and if you are a recent graduate, list your projects you have worked on and your involvement in them. Include any professional certifications to show you are suitable for the position.

4.Minimalist Resume for Operator

A resume template helps you create a quality and polished resume without hassle. With a template, you are always sure that your resume will look professional and help you find the right job. Fortunately, creating a resume template has never been so easy with the WPS Office.

5.Simple Resume for Study Abroad

A simple and creative resume with all the necessary information is needed to apply to study abroad. This is the delightful simple resume template, you can use and customize as per the country and university you are applying to study.

6.Black Resume for lawyers

For creating a legal resume, you should concentrate mainly on practicing law, achievements, and references. This black resume word template will show you the step-by-step process of creating a perfect resume and will help you to use all objective career sentences professionally.

7.Resume for Psychologist

Developing a good resume for a psychologist is a big challenge. All psychologists should focus on achievements, skills, and interests while creating a resume. This resume Word template is specially designed for Psychologists and  can easily download.

8.Resume for Designer

Need a modern, superb and creative resume for a fashion designer? This resume template for fashion designers comes with all the information you need to create and update your resume by downloading or editing for free.

9.Resume for Doctor

If you are a Doctor and still not able to create an impressive resume. Then, this resume template is for you. It has everything you need for your resume. You will find all the information about your education and experience in this resume without difficulty.

10.Resume for Marketing

As a marketer, your resume should be attractive and appealing. A resume advertises your potential and your expertise. Moreover, download this resume for marketing now to impress the recruiter.


In conclusion, look at the resume you've put together as a job application for someone else. Think about your list of skills you have to offer an employer and tailor it to that job to show the employer that you are the best candidate for the position and will contribute to their company in a meaningful way. Then, to create a  resume that mirrors industry trends and, most importantly, effectively communicates the skills and experience you offer, put these tips into practice. Download Word resume templates and enjoy several free features.