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How to create a resume without a template in WPS Office Word

March 11, 2022

In this article, you will know how to create a resume without a template in WPS Office Word with only 7 simple steps as following:

Steps to create a resume without a template in WPS Office Word:

Set the Page Layoutfirst when you createa resume

1. Click the Page Layout to set the page Size to A4 and the page Margins to Narrow.

Divide the overall layout of your resume

1. Click the Insert tab, click the Shapes drop-down button, select Rectangles, draw the shape with the mouse and place it in the appropriate position;

2. We can make some simple adjustments to the shape, such as modifying the color, and cancelling the border.

Enter Your Information in your resume

1.Insert the text box to fill in five pieces of information, which are personal introduction, job experiences, educational background, self-assessment and skills.

2. Set the text box to no color and no line.

Beautify your resume to make it templatable

1. Select the important content tomake itbold, enlarge and modifyits color.

2. Add  Bullets to the body content.

Add subtitles to your resume

1. Insert twoRounded Rectangles and put them together, and insert an icon to the shapes.

2. Insert the text box to fill in a subtitle and make the subtitle bold and modify its color and font size.

Group the objects in your resume

1. Head to the Home tab and click the Select drop-down button to choose Select Objects.

2. Select all the elements of the subtitle and head to the Drawing Tools tab and click theGroupdrop-down button to click Group.

3.Hold down the shortcut key CTRL+Shift to quickly copy and paste the remaining subtitles.

4. Insert a line to connect these subtitles.

5. Choose the line and head to the Drawing Tools tab to click the Send backward drop-down button to select Send to Back.

Insert your photo to complete the resume creation

1. Insert your photo, and click Crop drop-down button. You can set the shape of the photo.

After completing the above steps, you will have aformal resume without using a template.

What is Group in WPS Writer?

Group function  is a graphics processing function in Microsoft Office Word software, which can combine multiple independent shapes into a graphical object, and then move and modify the size of the combined graphical object.

Until now, we have learned how to create a resume without a template in WPS Office Word step by step. If you're interested in more detailed operations about typesetting of a functional document, feel free to refer to WPS Academy!

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