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How to make a resume template in WPS Office Word

March 11, 2022

Welcome to WPS Academy! Are you searching for free courses about making a resume template? A professional and informative resume is the prerequisite for standing out from your competitors. Continue to read this free tutorial and quickly master how to make a resume template in WPS Office Word.

lSteps to make a resume template in WPS Office Word

ØFirst of all, we need to figure out the basic sections that constitute a professional resume.

Full name

Ideal position

Contact information

Profile (Optional)

Education background

Work experience

Professional skills

Ø Design the layout of your resume template

1. Open the Grid View mode.

Go to the Page Layout tab, and click Align > Grid. In the Drawing Grid dialog, check Display gridlines on screen > Vertical every:2.


2. Adjust the Marginsof your resume template.

In the Page Layout tab, click Margins > Custom Margins. Set the Margins to 1 inch (ideally) in all directions.


3. Divide the page into six parts.

Head to the Insert tab, click Shapes > Rectangle to insert several rectangles in the desired position.

In the Drawing Tools tab, click Fill to change color and Outline > No Line.


Note: You can use the gridlines as the guide of alignment, and select the shape and press Ctrl+Shift to duplicate and drag it vertically.

In the Insert tab, click Text Box > Horizontal Text Box to insert text boxes, and enter the headings with appropriate font, size and color.

In the quick toolbar on the right, click Fill > Eyedropper to fill the text box the same color, and click Shape Outline > No Line.


Ø Add icons to beautify your resume template

1. Head back to the Insert tab, click Icon Library. And enter keyword in the search bar, for example, email here.

2. Choose the suitable one and click to insert it into the corresponding position.

3. In the Graphic Tools tab, click Grapgic Outline > Eyedropper, and unify the color with one click.


Note: The abundant icons are only available to WPS Premium members. Don't hesitate to join the membership right now!

Ø Remove the gridlines of your resume template

1. In the View tab, uncheck Ruler and View Gridlines in the ribbon.


Well done! We have successfully created a resume template. Now take initiative to make one on your own with the similar steps!

In today's tutorial, we have mastered how to make a resume template in WPS Office Word. Additionally, WPS Academy can help you much more in job hunting. You're welcome to visit our official site via the links as follows.

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