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How to create infographics in WPS Office Excel

July 31, 2023

In this quick tutorial, you will master how to create an infographic in excel with only three simple steps as follows.

Now let’s start to create an infographic step by step.

· Step 1: Input all the content of the infographic in WPS Spreadsheet

Think about the layout and the needed content of your infographic and prepare for them. Then input all the text in the proper position.

· Step 2: Beautify the infographic in WPS Spreadsheet

Merge Cells

You can merge cells to show the content entirely.

1. Select the cells to be merged, click Merge and Center.

2. More merging methods are available, and you can choose them as needed.

To learn more about merging, click to watch the tutorial in WPS Academy.

Format Cells

1. Select the cell range, and set the font style, font size, font color, fill color, alignment, etc.

2. Use Format Painter to apply the needed format to the targeted cells.

To learn more about cells formatting, click to watch the tutorial in WPS Academy.

Insert Images

1. Click the Insert tab > the Picture drop-down button.

2. You can select Floating Picture or Embed to Cell as needed.

Floating Picture: The picture can be moved freely.

Embed to Cell: The picture is embedded into the selected cell and cannot be moved freely.

(Here we choose Floating Picture.)

3. Click From File to insert a picture from you device. Then you can adjust the inserted picture as needed.

Insert icons

You can also choose from the preset icons built in the Icon Library. Note that these icons are only fortemplate premium users.

· Step 3: Export the infographic in WPS Spreadsheet

Having set the printing pattern in advance, we can print the infographic directly. To know more about printing in WPS Office, click to watch the tutorial in WPS Office Spreadsheet in WPS Academy.

Note that if you inserted a picture as the background, you cannot print out the background in the normal method. To know how to use the Camera function to print out the background of the infographic, click to watch the tutorial in WPS Academy: How to insert a background image and print it out in WPS Spreadsheet.

With these steps, you are able to how to create infographics in WPS Spreadsheet quickly and freely. Did you get it?

WPS Office Spreadsheet not only covers all of the basic functions of Excel, but also enables advanced techniques for data processing, formatting, printing and so on. WPS Office Academy teaches strategies for free.

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