How to create mortgage calculator in WPS Office Excel

March 18, 2022

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· Steps to create a mortgage calculator with templates in WPS Office.
· Recommended mortgage templates provided by WPS Office.

A mortgage calculator is commonly used to estimate monthly mortgage payments. It would be time-consuming to create a mortgage calculator from scratch. For convenience, WPS Office provides you with professional and practical mortgage calculator templates. Without further ado, lets get started!

· Steps to create a mortgage calculator with templates in WPS Office.

1. Go to the homepage of WPS Office, and click Apps > Templates.

2. Input “Mortgage Calculator” in the search box on the top and press the Enter key.

3. Choose the desired template from the searching results, and click Use Now to apply it.

4. Then you can edit the template as needed and save it as a normal document.

· Recommended mortgage templates provided by WPS Office.

Tips: You can click the following pictures to use these templates quickly.

Home Mortgage Calculator.jpgHome Mortgage Calculator

Extra Payment Mortgage Calculator.jpgExtra Payment Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Payoff Calculator.jpgMortgage Payoff Calculator

Fresh Mortgage Calculator Chart.jpgFresh Mortgage Calculator Chart

The templates provided by WPS Office go far beyond mortgage calculator charts, and you are welcome to visit WPS Templates to use more elegant and professional templates. Click the following links to view more templates quickly:

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