How to Create Name Ranges in Excel (The Easiest Way)

July 22, 2022

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By using name range we can easily search cells or cells ranges and we can easily follow the excel spread sheet. For example, when you specify a name range of cells, its miles called a name range or a defined range.

Rules for Name Range in Excel

  1. Under 255 characters

  2. May now not include spaces and maximum punctuation characters.

  3. It must start with a letter, an underscore (_) or a backslash ().

  4. It can't have a call like a mobile reference. For example, B1 isn't always a valid call.

  5. Case-insensitive names

  6. We can use a single letter to name various cells. However, they cannot be c, C, r or R.

Following are the three ways for defining name range in excel

  1. Name Box,

  2. Define Name button

  3. Excel Name Manager.

Name Box

The name box in Excel is the fastest way to create a name range:

  1. Select a mobile or variety you want to name.

  2. Enter a name inside the Name box.

  3. Press the Enter key.

Name Range- Define Name option

Another manner to create a named range in Excel is:

  1. First select the cell(s).

  2. Click on Define name option in Formula tab.

  3. In the New Name dialog box, specify 3 matters:

  4. In the Name box, type the name of the range.

  5. In the Scopedropdown, set the name scope.

  6. Check references in refers to text box.

  7. Click on OK button and close the dialogue box.

Excel Name Manager for Name Range

Usually the name manager in Excel is used to work with existing names. However, it may additionally assist you create a new name. Here's how:

  1. First, you need to go to the Formula tab> Defined names section and click Name Manage. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + F3.

  2. In the upper left corner of the Name Manager conversation window, click on the New… button:

  3. A new dialogue box of new name in which you configure the call as shown inside the preceding segment.

Name Range for Constant

WPS excel lets in you to outline a name without cell reference with a view to act as a named consistent. To create this kind of call, use Excel's Naming function or the Name Manager.

For example, you may create a name like USD_EUR (USD - EUR conversion price) and deliver it a set cost. To do this, enter the value earlier than the equal sign (=) within the Refer to discipline.

now this name can help you anywhere in formulation to transfer of currency

As rapid due to the fact the change price adjustments, you replace the price high-quality in a single number one place, and all your method gets recalculated in a single step!

Name Range Formula

Similarly, you can create an Excel component a name, which include a method that returns the wide variety of non-blank cells in column A, except for the header row (-1):

Now every time you need to recognize what number of entries are in column A on Sheet five, apart from column headers, just type an same signal followed by means of the name of your formulation in any mobile, like this: = Items_count):

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