How to customize slideshow in ppt design

August 3, 2022

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Slide show is a presentation of a number of still photographs (slides) on an electronic display or projection screen, usually in a predetermined order. The adjustments may be made manually by the presenter or the viewer or automatically and at predetermined intervals.You can build a polished presentation more graceful by customizing  ppt design slideshow.

After reading this blog post, you may make your presentations more elegant and eye-catching. A presentation is not complete without a slideshow.

Here are some benefits of ppt slideshow design:

-Slides are kind of like a blank document that you can use to present your ideas through text, pictures, graphs, and animations that’s why slideshow design is necessary.  

-Slideshows encourage audience on your presentation.

How to customize slideshow  in ppt design Process

1.First of all open presentation in WPS and then open a blank slide

2. And then Click the Slide Show button in main menu tab at the top of the screen. To change the slide show's settings, click on custom slide show a dialogue pop up is opened

3. Click on new After that, to add slide on custom show.

4. We may click Add after selecting the slide in the Slides in presentation box. Now that the chosen slides has been inserted in custom display

5. To modify the sequence in which the selected slides are displayed, click the upward or downward arrow on the dialogue box's far right.

We may Edit, Copy, and Remove slides by returning to the Custom Slide Show dialogue box. Click ok and your slides are customly added to the slideshow.

How to customize slideshow  in ppt design: Transition

Slides become more beautiful and professional when transitions are used properly. What therefore should we do when building a Presentation document to create transitions?

1.To create transition animations, select the slide and then click Transitions.We have access to several slide transitions in WPS Office.

2. Once you select your transition press effect otion to modify orientation and transition.

3. To customizing the speed of the transition click on speed box with this option you can manage the speed of your slides in the presentaion and to manage sound on your slides click on the sound button

4. To manage slideshow duration check out for intervals by the name of auto intervals

We may adjust the transition for one page to synchronize the transitions of all the slides and prevent audience strain. Let's take a final look on the whole work that we do and click on apply to all.

How to customize slideshow  in ppt design: slide master

When creating new presentations, Slide Master may help increase efficiency by coordinating fonts, backgrounds, and business logos.

Slide master plays a vital role in ppt slideshow without slide master presentation looks too much simple

1.Go to design in the main menu tab and here you can see option with the name of Slidemaster

2. After you click on slide master in the top left corner you can see two option name The New Slide Master and New Slide Layout buttons While New Slide Layout enables you to incorporate a layout master with title styles, New Slide Master invites you to build a new slide master.

3. In the programmable interface on the right side of the screen, choose the master, click the Background button, picture or texture fill, and select the file at picture put.

4.Elements can be added in batches to the master page. Using the Slide Master is definitely the best option if you want to put the company logo to all of your slides at once. Picture can be inserted by selecting the Insert option up top. Select the picture in the dialogue box and click Open.

We may also usually monitored the text's font and size by choosing the text, changing the font in the Text Tools tab, and adjusting the font size.

This article explains How to customize slideshow  in ppt design. In order to learn more about the WPS office, please visit the WPS Academy website.You may acquire a free download of WPS Office by clicking here to edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files.