How to delete a page in Word document on mac

July 22, 2022

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It is time for you to know how to delete a page in Word to use this tool when working on your documents. To know better how Word works, you need to know its functions in detail.

It is important to delete a page in Word blank that you do not want to have so that you can do the work you need with freedom and comfort. Here are 3 efficient methods to help remove or modify section breaks.

How to delete a page in word 2010 in the middle of a document?

If you find yourself doing work in Word and need to print it, it's a good idea to check for an extra final or blank page. So in several steps, find out how to easily delete a page in Word.

1. First, you have to press CRL++ or go to the home tab SHIFT, and 8 clicks on the paragraph icon

2. This combination of the keys will take care of showing paragraph markers (¶) at the end of each blank line and each paragraph, each time you go to press the ENTER key and at the beginning of each additional blank page.

3. You must highlight the paragraph markers with a mouse and press DELETE if you want to delete the extra pages. If a bookmark is still there, remove it with the BACKSPACE key.

How to delete a page in word 2016 that has graphics and text?

You must discover how to delete a page in Word with text and graphics. You must know the steps to carry out this process easily.

1. The first step for you to delete a page is to make sure it is selected. You must scroll or use the go-to function (Ctrl+G on Windows, Option +CMD +G on MacOS)

2. Then select the entire page, it may seem like I've already done this step, but this will be so that Word understands that you want to delete the entire page. Open the goto function (Ctrl + G, or Option CMD+G if you're on a Mac) and type the page where the page number input box is. Then you must press Go to (press enter on your keyboard)

3. Next, you need to delete the page, Word doesn't have a dedicated page delete tool, but since the whole page is selected, you can easily delete it. Check that you have selected all of the pages you want to delete, and then press where the Delete key is.

4. Select from paragraphs by clicking and then dragging it, or use the arrow keys and hold down the Shift key. You can delete all the paragraph markers when pressing the Delete key. This will end up closing the blank page completely.

How to delete a page in Word free that is blank?

If you are a text editor, you must know how to delete a page in Word from your document. So you will want to delete it before sending it to your boss. You must know how to do it through a few steps

1. To find the blank page, open the browser panel. You can do it by selecting the top menu and ensuring that the box in the navigation panel is checked. This will cause a new column to open on the left side to display all the document pages.

2. Scroll through the list to find the blank list you want to delete. Please select one and then double click and tap on it to go straight to it

3. You must hold down Ctrl +Shift +8 Windows or command +8 if you are using a Mac for the paragraph markers to be visible

4. You will have the option to place all the paragraph markers at the top of the document if you think you will use them later. When you find the correct location for your paragraph markers, you can modify them by decreasing or increasing your font size. Click where the home tab is located and put 1 in the font size box and then press enter so you can lock the size. The blank page is deleted after the paragraph fits on the previous page.

5. After making all the required changes, you can hide all the paragraph markers again; again, you will have to hold down Ctrl+Shift+8 on Windows or Command+8 on a mac. This way, you will learn how to delete a page in Word.

You can also learn how to delete a page in Word online with confidence. You know how to handle this program better if you see each step.

You will also easily learn how to delete a page in Word 2013 to feel like an expert handling this program. With practice and with the right advice, you can know in detail how to delete a page in Word a document safely.

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