How to delete pages on word beginner guide

July 22, 2022

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How to delete pages on the word? Beginners are always confused groups of people who want to take their place and learn about anything that is needed to succeed. In other words, working on 20 to 30 pages in the world is not easy for newbies and people who do not completely aware of the working procedure of the world. Sometimes unwanted or blank pages are created in word and they want to remove them from their documents for making them professional. In this article, you'll learn all about the things that are needed to succeed in the deletion of pages on the word even a beginner can easily understand all the steps.

How to delete pages on word 2016

Word 2016 is considered a new generation of word software but still, some people are struggling to find perfect ways to delete a page.

1 Open word and go to the view tab.

2 Go to checkbox and find Navigation pane option.

3 Now mark the page and double click to select it.

4 Hit the DELETE button and the page will be deleted

This is one of the most basic methods to delete pages on word 2016.

How to delete a page on word using the layout tab

If you’re struggling to find the path to delete a page on word using every possible method. Sometimes failure is packed with great learning try this to find your way

1 Open word document from the menu.

2 Go to the layout tab.

3 Over the margin open the drop-down menu by clicking on it.

4 Open drop-down menu beside the selection bar.

5 Now go to a new page and select the text.

6 Right-click on OK or press ENTER.

Here’s how you can delete a page on word using the layout tab as soon as possible.

How to Select delete page on word 2010

Selecting and deleting a page on the word is probably one of the simplest ways of deleting a page on word 2010. Here's how you can select to delete a page on word 2010

1 Open a word document that you want to delete from the menu to open.

2 Click and drag to the bottom or press CTRL+A to select.

3 Hit DELETE and get rid of the page.

How to delete a page on word online

Most word users want to delete pages online by using tools. Here's the step-by-step process that you need to follow to delete a page on word online using the tools

1 Convert your document from word to PDF and save it.

2 Head over to the small PDF online tool and search for it

3 Go to choose file option drag or drop file or open

4 See the trash bin option to delete blank pages or unwanted pages

5 After completion click on Apply changes to save the file

6 Click the button below to download the PDF

7 Now go to convert PDF to word document

8 Download the converted document and verify any more pages.

There are a lot of different ways that are used in the process of deleting a page on word choose the way that best suits you. In short, the explanation is clear and all the steps take you to solve the problem that you're facing today.

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