How to edit a PDF for free

November 30, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

The WPS PDF Editor tool is great for effectively saving your notes and sharing them with others. This function is appropriate for group projects and classes. To increase your productivity, you can store files in the cloud and open them simultaneously on a variety of operating systems online for free, including Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and IOS.

You can utilize our WPS free PDF Editor to quickly add text and photos to your documents using its built-in features. Additionally, a complete set of editing tools are provided, enabling you to make changes to the text, photos, tables, graphics, and other items in your projects.

Features offered by WPS PDF Editor:

Let’s get you through some of our features available in WPS PDF Editor:

Home tab:

As the inserted image shows, WPS PDF Editor offers multiple features located in the “Home” tab.

You can convert your PDF file to word, or into a picture. It allows the users to annotate.

Some of the other included features also include the simple PDF “Read Mode” etc.

Insert tab:

The insert tab of WPS PDF Editor also provides many options. You can insert more text into the file, and add images.

To improve the presentation of your PDF file, you can add the page numbers, header, and footer.

Moreover, if you have a PDF file with a lot of text and you want to memorize the main points at your fingertips. You can utilize the “Highlight” option as shown. The software gives a wide range of colors to choose from.

Not only these, but the insert tab also has several other tools as shown in the above-inserted picture.

Comment tab:

You can add text comments, a text box, Graffiti, shapes, or even stamps using the comment tab.

Edit tab:

Following are the tools you can utilize in the edit tab of our WPS PDF Editor:

As shown, you can crop or even split the pages of your PDF file. The availability of the tool to change the color of the background of your PDF also enhances the general look of your PDF file. Right beside the background tool, the option to add “Watermark” in PDF files is also included.

Page tab:

You can easily delete unwanted pages from your PDF file or if needed, can add extra pages. The non-premium users of WPS PDF Editor can add up to 5 pages for free!

Protect tab:

The protect tab is accessible to only premium users of the WPS PDF Editor.

Tools tab:

If you’re editing a scanned PDF, our editor also provides ways to edit such PDFs. The best tool to edit such scanned PDFs is the “OCR tool”. Following are some of the available options in the tools tab.

WPS PDF offers tools for modifying text and images, cropping pages, and configuring headers and footers. WPS Office allows you to edit PDF files similarly to how you would in a Word document editor. For more handy features, take advantage of the WPS PDF editor. Visit our website to download WPS Office for free!

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