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How to Edit a PDF [For Students]

May 16, 2024

Being a student means constantly working with PDFs for tasks like annotating lecture slides, collaborating on projects, and revising assignments. As a full-time writer, I rely on a single, dependable PDF tool that ensures the safety and security of my work. I'll share insights on how I use this tool to streamline my tasks and simplify the editing process. Whether you're a student or a writer, mastering PDF tools can greatly enhance your productivity and workflow. Thus in this article I’ll demonstrate to you how to edit a pdf for students.

How to Edit a PDF [For Students]

How Editing PDFs Can Help You with Your Study & Research

When I opened a lecture using WPS PDF tools, I was pleasantly surprised by the array of functionalities at hand and my search for how to get a free PDF editor was finally over. All these tools were well within my reach and accessing and utilizing these tools was remarkably easy, allowing me to easily navigate through the lecture materials and optimize my learning experience. Here's how I made the most of WPS PDF tools during my lecture:

Academic Research and Study:

  • Adding Notes and Highlights: I could annotate lecture slides with additional notes and highlight key points for better understanding.

  • Customizing Textbooks: Editing PDF textbooks allowed me to add personal insights, bookmarks, and hyperlinks for quick reference during study sessions.

  • Collaborating with Peers: WPS PDF's collaboration features enabled seamless teamwork on group projects. I could comment on PDF drafts and share feedback with my classmates effortlessly.

Editing Resumes:

  • Keeping Information Up-to-Date: Editing my resume became such an easy task for me with WPS PDF. I could update contact details, add recent experiences, and modify my skills section as needed.

  • Tailoring for Job Applications: Customizing my resume for different job opportunities became hassle-free. I could edit job titles, objectives, and highlight relevant experiences to match specific job requirements.

  • Ensuring Consistent Formatting: With WPS PDF, I could maintain uniform formatting, font styles, and spacing throughout my resume for a polished look.

Editing Forms:

  • Completing Forms Easily: Filling out forms such as job applications or registration documents was straightforward. I could input my information directly into the PDF and save time.

  • Extracting Data: WPS PDF's editing tools allowed me to extract data from forms effortlessly. I could easily analyze or store the extracted information for future reference.

Editing Contracts:

  • Making Changes on-the-Go: WPS PDF simplified contract editing by allowing me to modify terms like payment schedules or delivery dates as negotiations progressed.

  • Adding Amendments: Inserting clauses or appendices to reflect changes in the contract was seamless with WPS PDF's editing features.

  • Signing Digitally: With WPS PDF, I could add digital signatures to documents, eliminating the need for printing and scanning.

Despite some advanced features requiring a membership subscription, I found WPS PDF to be a cost-effective alternative to Adobe. Priced at just $2.33 per month, with additional discounts for students, it offered excellent value for money. Moreover, the seven-day free trial period allowed me to explore its capabilities before committing. With WPS PDF, enhancing my academic productivity and efficiency has never been easier.

How to Edit a PDF [For Study & Research]

When it comes to studying, PDFs become indispensable, and advanced PDF applications like WPS PDF take the experience of learning how to edit a PDF online to a whole new level. With its wide array of features designed specifically for students, WPS PDF significantly enhances the learning process.Let's explore how to edit a PDF on Mac or PC by examining the key features commonly used to enhance the learning experience.

Let's start by opening a PDF textbook or lecture notes in WPS PDF.

Highlighting: As the name suggests, this tool is useful for students to highlight important points, definitions, or key data in their notes, which can later be used for referencing.

WPS PDF Highlight Tool

Step 1: To highlight, simply select the Highlight tool in the Comment ribbon, and then use your cursor to highlight text in your PDF.

Highlight text in PDF

Step 2: Students can also change the highlight color by clicking on the small arrow in the Highlight Color button. This allows them to differentiate highlighting of different categories or importance levels within their notes.

Change Highlight Color in WPS PDF

Underlining and Strikethrough: These features allow students to underline any relevant information they might want to review later and strike through any irrelevant information they wish to omit during revision.

WPS PDF Underline and Strikethrough

Step 1: To underline, click on the Underline button in the Comment Ribbon, and then use your cursor to select the text you need to underline.

WPS PDF Underline tool

Step 2: Similarly, to strikethrough, click on the Strikethrough button in the Comment Ribbon, and then, using your mouse, select the text that seems irrelevant.

WPS PDF Strikethrough

Step 3: To change the underline color, click on the small arrow located within the Underline button to view more colors.

Change Underline colors

Step 4: For more strikethrough colors, click on the small arrow in the Strikethrough button to change colors.

Change Strikethrough colors

Text Comments: Text Comments serve as a versatile tool for adding personal insights, clarifications, or annotations directly within the PDF document. This feature facilitates collaborative learning and efficient communication of ideas.

WPS PDF Text Comments

Step 1: To utilize Text Comments, access the Text Comment tool from the Comment Ribbon.

Step 2: Click on the desired location within the document, and begin typing your comment.

Step 3: To adjust font size, style, and color and customize your annotations, use the hover menu located right next to your comment.

WPS PDF add comments in your PDF

Drawing Tools: For me, using drawing tools was a more enjoyable way to directly annotate my PDFs and jot down key information within the document just like I would on my physical textbooks or notes.

WPS PDF Drawing Tools

Step 1: To access drawing tools, click on the Drawing Tools tab located in the Comments section. This will open a new tab called "Doodle".

Step 2: Now simply use your cursor to draw freehand on your PDF.

Draw freehand On your PDF

Step 3: Use the Doodle ribbon to adjust the pencil width, color, opacity, and other customizations as needed.

Customize Drawing tool

Each described tool is something I regularly use to edit my PDFs to ensure that when I revisit them, I don't have to go through each point again. The highlight tool provides a clear visualization of the important information in the PDF. Similarly, the underline and strikethrough tools also allow me to highlight or remove any relevant information, but I use the highlight tool more for this purpose. The drawing tool is an excellent choice to make sure any thoughts are actively noted down while learning. I also use text comments to note down any learnings that I have on the PDF for later reference.

How to Edit a PDF [For Resumes]

Finding the right PDF editor is so important especially when you are opting for a free option. Fortunately, with WPS PDF Editor, you have a reliable solution that can get the job done effectively without costing you a dime.

To start off with, open your resume PDF within WPS PDF Editor, which offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools.

Add Picture: Adding a profile photo to your resume can enhance its visual appeal and personalize your application.

WPS Add Picture Tool

Step 1: Click on the "Add Picture" button in the Edit Ribbon.


Step 2: Browse through your PC to select your profile picture.

Step 3: Once the profile picture has been added, use your cursor to position the image on your CV as desired.

Add Profile Picture in PDF Resume

Adding a profile photo can help recruiters put a face to your name and make your resume more memorable. Just ensure to choose a professional-looking photo that aligns with the tone of your resume and the industry you're applying to.

Text tool: Customizing your resume by adding or removing sections is essential for tailoring it to specific job opportunities and highlighting relevant experiences.

Here's how you can do it using WPS PDF Editor:

WPS Add Text Tool


Step 1: To add a new section, click on the "Add Text" button in the Edit Ribbon, then use your cursor to place the textbox in your PDF resume.

Step 2: Type in the details of the section you wish to add, such as "Work Experience" or "Projects".

Step 3: To customize the font, WPS PDF Editor provides an "Edit PDF" pane that opens on the right side of the interface when you add text. Here, you can adjust font styles, sizes, and other formatting options to ensure consistency throughout your resume.

Add new sections in PDF Resume using WPS PDF

When you reach the milestone of creating your resume, it often feels like a lifetime subscription to editing it. I find this method extremely useful to edit PDFs directly, as it is the most efficient. In the past, I used to change one word, convert it to PDF, and then struggle with formatting issues. The ability to edit PDFs directly is by far the best feature offered so far.

How to Edit a PDF [For Forms]

Forms provide an interactive space within PDF documents, facilitating tasks like surveys and selecting options when presented with a document. However, editing a PDF in forms, especially when distributed across multiple PDFs, can be a bit more challenging compared to other editing methods. Nonetheless, I'll simplify the process for you with these simple steps.

Attachments: Incorporating links or attachments to supplementary documents enriches the comprehensiveness of your PDF form by furnishing supporting evidence, reference materials, or pertinent additional information.

WPS PDF Add Attachment

Step 1: To attach a file, click on the "Attachment" button in the Edit Ribbon, then place the cursor in the position within the PDF form where you want to attach the file.

Step 2: Browse through your PC to select the file you would like to attach to the PDF form and press enter to attach the file.

Attach reference material to PDF Forms

List Items: Utilize bullet symbols to create lists of items within the form, allowing users to easily navigate and select options.

Insert Bullet list items

Step 1: To create a checklist or listicle for form users to select from, click on the "Circle” icon in the Fill & Sign ribbon.

Step 2: Then, go to the position where you want to create the bullet list and left-click your mouse to place the circle shape.

Create a List of Items to choose from in PDF Forms

Editing forms can be a real headache, but thanks to WPS Office, the process has become incredibly smooth for me. Not only can I effortlessly create forms, but I can also edit them even when they're in PDF format. Plus, WPS Office offers online PDF tools for those searching for an answer to  "how to edit a PDF online".

How to Edit a PDF [For Contracts]

Contracts, often shared in PDF format, are important documents that require thorough scrutiny to ensure nothing is overlooked. Editing these contracts can be essential, whether to make amendments to terms, add clauses, or sign electronically. Here's how you can efficiently edit PDFs that are contracts:

Digital Signatures: Integrate digital signatures into contract documents to authenticate and legally bind agreements electronically, bypassing the necessity for physical signatures and manual signing processes. This streamlined approach is especially advantageous for rental agreements or library agreements.

WPS PDF Add Signature

Step 1: If this is your first time adding a digital signature with WPS PDF, begin by clicking on the "Add Signature" button in the Fill & Sign ribbon.

Step 2: The PDF Signature dialog will appear, where students can easily create a new digital signature by either drawing, typing, or uploading an image of their signature. Once the signature has been created, click on "OK".

Create a new Signature on WPS PDF

Step 3: You will notice that the cursor has now changed into your digital signature. Simply place the signature anywhere in the document and use the border to adjust its size as needed.

Place Signature in PDF Contract

Redacting Sensitive Information: Remove or wipe off confidential or sensitive information from the contract to safeguard privacy and comply with data protection regulations, ensuring data security and confidentiality.

WPS PDF Wipe Off Tool

Step 1: To redact any information from a PDF contract, click on the "Wipe Off" button in the Edit ribbon.

Step 2: Now, simply use your cursor to select the area that you wish to redact, and the selected information will be erased from the PDF contract.

Select Area to erase in PDF Contract

Password Protection: Ensure the security of your PDF contract by implementing password protection. Here's how:

WPS PDF Encrypt tool

Step 1: Click on the "Encrypt" button in the Protect ribbon to safeguard your PDF contract from unauthorized access.

Step 2: In the encryption dialog, check the “Set the open password” checkbox to set a general password in the first section. This password will be required for anyone attempting to access the file.

Set password to restrict access to PDF

Step 3: If you wish to prevent editing and extraction of your PDF contracts, then check the “Set password for editing and extracting” checkbox.

Set Password to maintain control over PDF Editing and Extracting

Please note: If passwords are forgotten, they cannot be retrieved. Therefore, it's crucial to write down the password in a secure location to prevent any loss of work.

Before stumbling upon WPS Office, I dealt with my fair share of frustration when editing contracts. Given the frequency of needing to sign documents, this tool has been a game-changer. Its simplicity and streamlined process have significantly eased my workload. With just a few simple steps, I can efficiently edit and sign contracts without any lengthy or complex procedures.

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Leverage WPS AI For Your Schoolwork

WPS AI is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates with WPS Office Write and PDF. If you've experienced WPS PDF, you'd likely agree that it's one of the best PDF tools available. While there's a paid premium version, the free version meets most student needs, including the integration of WPS AI. This integration offers a fresh perspective and improves the research, writing, and collaboration process, ultimately boosting academic performance and productivity.

Here's how WPS AI enhances your workflow:

  • Automatic Summarization: Using advanced algorithms, WPS AI can automatically summarize lengthy texts, lectures, or documents. It extracts key points and essential information, saving you time and increasing efficiency in digesting large amounts of information.

WPS PDF Insights and Inquiries

  • Text Extraction: With AI-powered PDF tools, you can extract text from scanned documents or images. This feature makes it easier to reference and incorporate relevant information into your assignments or research papers, streamlining your workflow.

  • OCR PDF: WPS AI provides OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality, allowing you to convert scanned documents into editable, searchable, and actionable text PDFs. This capability enhances document processing efficiency and flexibility, enabling further editing and sharing of documents without the limitations of static scans.


Advanced Features of WPS Office For Students!

WPS AI is a remarkable feature tailor-made for students, aiding them in case studies and essay writing endeavors. It serves as a multifaceted tool, guiding students in generating ideas, organizing content, refining grammar, and rectifying mistakes. Plus, it extends support by providing insightful summaries of reports and extracting specific information with precision. For those who already find solace in WPS Office, the premium version elevates the experience, leaving no expectation unmet.

Furthermore, students opting for the premium version gain access to an array of additional features:

  • Free Resume Templates: WPS Office boasts a diverse collection of professionally crafted resume templates, available at no cost. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, these templates simplify the process of creating a standout resume tailored to your industry and preferences.

WPS Resume Templates

  • Advanced Editing Tools: The premium version unlocks a suite of advanced editing tools, empowering students to refine their documents with greater precision and finesse. From intricate formatting options to sophisticated design elements, these tools enable students to elevate the visual appeal and professionalism of their work.

  • Enhanced Collaboration Capabilities: With the premium version, students can collaborate seamlessly with peers and instructors in real-time. Advanced collaboration features facilitate efficient feedback exchange, version control, and document sharing, fostering a conducive environment for group projects and academic collaborations.

  • Document Security and Privacy: Premium users benefit from enhanced document security measures, ensuring that sensitive academic materials remain safeguarded at all times. Robust encryption protocols and access controls provide peace of mind, allowing students to focus on their studies without concerns about data breaches or unauthorized access.

FAQs about Editing a PDF in Word

Q1. How can I edit PDF files on any Android Smartphone?

If you're seeking a free PDF editor for your Android device, WPS Office is an excellent choice. It provides extensive editing capabilities, including signature insertion, all at no cost. Here's how students can utilize WPS Office for Android to edit their PDFs:

Step 1: Open the PDF in WPS Office for Android.

Step 2: Access all editing tools by tapping on "Edit" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: A hover menu will appear above the tabs. To edit text, tap on the "Edit Text" icon and select the text you want to modify.

Step 4: Students can add or edit images or text in the "Edit" tab.

Step 5: For highlighting or underlining information, visit the "Annotate" tab to access various annotation tools.

Step 6: Signing PDFs is also possible with WPS PDF for Android. Simply go to the "Fill & Sign" tab and tap on "Signature" to insert a new signature into your PDF.

Q2. How can I edit a Scanned Document/PDF?

To edit a scanned document/PDF, students can make use of the WPS PDF tool. Here is how:

Step 1: Open the scanned document/PDF in WPS PDF.

Step 2: Head over to the "Convert" tab and select the "OCR PDF" option.

Step 3: An OCR PDF dialog will appear. Click on the "Perform OCR" button.

Step 4: WPS PDF will begin the OCR process, which might take a while.

Step 5: Once the OCR is complete, the scanned document/PDF can now be easily edited using WPS PDF.

Q3. How can I edit a PDF File in Mobile?

Here's how students can easily edit their PDFs using their mobile phones on the go:

Step 1: Open the PDF in WPS Office Mobile.

Step 2: Click on the "Edit" button in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Students can now switch tabs between "Edit Text", "Edit Image", "Mark", and "Page Management" located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: To use annotation tools such as highlight, underline, strikethrough, and others, visit the "Mark" tab.

Step 5: To edit text in the PDF, go to the "Edit Text" tab and then select the text that you wish to edit.

Step 6: Similarly, to edit images, students can also rotate, replace, or delete them by visiting the "Edit Image" tab.

The All-in-One Solution with WPS Office PDF Tools

Before discovering WPS Office, I was oblivious to the possibility of how to edit a pdf for students without enduring the usual hassle. However, WPS Office offers an all-in-one solution within a single product. It seamlessly converts your documents to PDF format and provides robust editing capabilities. Where else can you find such a great deal? Missing out on this opportunity would be a mistake because WPS Office and its PDF tools are essentially a goldmine for students. Download WPS Office now to see for yourself the world relief you will find there as a student.

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