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How to Split PDF (for Students)

June 17, 2024

As a student, I used to struggle with large PDF files that contained entire books or lectures covering all chapters. It was very inconvenient to learn from such extensive documents. Fortunately, I quickly discovered a way to manage these large PDFs effectively, and I'm here to show you how to split PDFs for students to create separate documents for each chapter or section.

How to Split PDF (for Students)

How a PDF Splitter Can Improve Your Study Sessions

As a student, organizing your learning materials is crucial for effective study sessions. This involves gathering all your notes, coursework, assignments, and supporting materials from your course. More often than not, a significant portion of this material is in the form of PDFs. These large PDFs can sometimes contain extra information that can slow you down while studying, making it essential to split them. By doing so, you ensure that you focus only on the material relevant to your coursework, leaving out the excess. Here are some situations where a PDF splitter can be particularly helpful:

When Separating Lecture Notes

If your lecture notes are bundled into one extensive PDF, splitting them into individual topics or lectures can significantly improve the organization of your study materials. This allows you to quickly locate and concentrate on specific subjects without being bogged down by unrelated content.

Separate PDF Lecture Notes

Simplifying Large File Transfers

Sharing or uploading large PDF files can be challenging, especially when there are restrictions on email attachment sizes or online submission limits. By dividing a large PDF into smaller segments, you make the file more manageable and easier to transfer, ensuring it complies with size constraints. This streamlines the sharing process and guarantees smooth submissions.

Extracting Specific Information

At times, you may need to pull out specific information from a PDF without needing the entire document. For example, you might want to save only a few pages from a textbook or a particular section from your notes. Splitting the PDF enables you to save just the necessary pages, making your learning material management more targeted and relevant.

How to Split a PDF Using WPS Office

Students often have numerous PDF files containing lecture notes and study materials. Navigating through these lengthy documents can be overwhelming, hindering efficient studying. Sometimes, you may want to separate pages in your PDF or extract specific sections for easier study sessions or sharing with classmates.

To improve your document management skills and academic success, let's explore how to use a PDF splitter. With WPS Office, you can quickly split your PDF pages into smaller, more manageable parts. Whether you need to organize study materials or streamline file sharing, WPS Office simplifies the process. Let's learn how to split a PDF using WPS Office.

Step 1: Let's open the PDF that you wish to split using WPS Office.

Step 2: Navigate to the top toolbar and click on the “Tools” tab.

Step 3: In the Tools ribbon, click on the "Split PDF" button to open the WPS PDF Converter.

WPS Split PDF Tool

Step 4: In the WPS PDF Converter window, ensure you are on the right tool by selecting “Split PDF” from the left side pane.

WPS PDF Converter

Step 5: Go to the “Page Range” field to set the range of pages you want to split.

Set Page Range for PDF Split

The WPS PDF Splitter tool offers two methods:

  • All Pages within Range: Suitable for dividing the PDF into equal bundles.

  • Target Pages: Ideal for extracting specific pages.

Example: If you have a 12-page course PDF and want to split it into bundles of 4 pages each, choose “All Pages within Range.” For extracting pages 3 to 8, select “Target Pages.ogo

Step 6: In the “Split Method” field, select your preferred method from the dropdown menu.

Step 7: If you select "All Pages within Range" in the dropdown, then specify the bundle size in the "Save as one document every" field.

Split Method- All Pages Within Range

Step 8: If you select "Target Pages" from the dropdown, then simply enter the Target Page Range you wish to extract from your PDF.

Split Method- Target Pages

Step 9: Once you're done with these settings, go to the "Output Path" field and specify the path where you would want your split PDFs to be saved.

Change Output path

Step 10: Now simply click on the "Split" button to split your PDFs according to your needs, and then get to studying.

Split PDF using WPS PDF

WPS Office provides various easy-to-use options to split PDFs according to different student needs, which is why it is my preferred choice. Students can either divide their course materials to create a more effective study plan or extract important sections from a PDF, saving time and effort. The best part about WPS Office is that it isn't limited to just PDF tools. With a complete office suite, it can help students with assignments, data handling, and even creating PowerPoint presentations. With such tools by your side, studying becomes much easier. Why not try it out now? Simply download WPS Office by visiting their website.

Utilizing WPS AI for Enhanced Productivity

Imagine having a reading assistant that helps you navigate through your work and reads your PDFs for you. Students, in particular, would love a tool like this because there are endless readings, tiring cases, reports, and studies to go through. If only there was an easier way to read concise summaries and get questions answered directly from the PDF. Well, there is such a tool, and its name is WPS PDF AI.


WPS PDF AI is designed to make your reading experience smoother and more productive. By integrating advanced AI features, it transforms how you interact with PDF documents, making it an indispensable tool for students and professionals alike.

  • Document Summarization: This feature saves you reading time by generating concise summaries of long documents. It helps you quickly identify the key sections of your PDF, making it easier to understand the main points without wading through the entire document.

  • Precise Keyword Extraction: Extracting keywords from your documents allows for more targeted reading. You can focus on the most important terms and concepts, enhancing your comprehension and retention of the material.

  • Chat Function Based on Document Analysis: This innovative chat feature allows you to ask questions and get answers based on the content of the PDF. It provides a deeper understanding of the document, helping you grasp complex topics and information more effectively.

Content Summarization

One of the standout features of WPS AI is its ability to condense lengthy PDF reports into concise but comprehensive overviews, allowing students to get a gist of what the document contains. Not only this, but in its summary, WPS AI also provides the page number of each key point from the PDF, helping students split their documents even more effectively.

WPS AI PDF Summarization

Benefits of WPS Office

WPS Office is nothing short of perfect, equipped with all the necessary tools of an office suite and highly compatible with various file formats. The most surprising fact is that it is entirely free. Students, in particular, will see this as a major blessing because it offers everything they need to manage their academic tasks efficiently.

WPS Office

  • Document Conversion and Editing:

Beyond splitting PDFs, WPS Office provides robust tools for editing PDFs and converting documents between various formats, such as PDF to Word, Word to PDF, and more. This versatility ensures that students can handle all their document needs with ease, from creating essays to submitting assignments.

  • Cloud Storage:

Integrated cloud storage options allow students to save and access their split PDFs and other documents from anywhere. This feature is particularly useful for students who need to work on projects from multiple locations, ensuring their files are always within reach.

  • Collaboration Features:

Sharing split PDFs and other documents is made simple with WPS Office. Students can easily share their work with classmates and professors for collaborative efforts. Whether it's a group project or getting feedback on an assignment, WPS Office streamlines the collaboration process.

FAQs About Split PDF for Students

1. Can I split encrypted or secured PDFs?

Yes, WPS Office allows students to split encrypted or secured PDFs once the password has been entered to unlock them. This feature ensures you can manage and organize even your protected documents with ease.

2. Are online PDF splitters safe to use?

Generally, online PDF tools are not considered safe for sensitive documents. However, WPS PDF tools process the uploaded documents locally within your browser, adding a layer of security. If you still have concerns, WPS Office also offers an offline PDF splitter within their application, available for both Windows and Mac. This ensures that your sensitive documents remain secure and are handled directly on your device.

Enjoy the Ease of PDFs With WPS Office

Splitting a PDF into two or more documents can be incredibly helpful, as it allows you to create segments that you can read or work with however you prefer. Split PDF for students is particularly useful for students, who frequently deal with PDFs on an everyday basis. Staying organized is crucial, and WPS Office's PDF tools are designed to deliver exactly what students need.By utilizing WPS Office's PDF tools, students can stay organized, improve their study habits, and enhance their overall academic performance. Download WPS Office today and take advantage of these powerful features designed to support students in their educational journey.

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