How to edit a PDF on a laptop

November 30, 2022

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You might not have enough time to convert your pdf file to an editable version on your laptop and then edit the text? if yes then no problem. Here we are to solve your problem. Now you can easily edit a PDF on a laptop with the help of the WPS office. It has now become very easy to edit a pdf on a laptop without converting it into a word file.

Have you downloaded the WPS office on your laptop? If not, then download it for free. It is the best software for your PC. It is user-friendly and very easy to use. It can be downloaded on both pc windows and mac. It works perfectly fine on both, whether it be windows or mac. It is completely free and very easy to download.

If you want to learn how to edit a pdf on a laptop, then you have to follow the set of instructions that are explained in this blog. Just by following the simple steps, you can learn how you can edit a pdf on a laptop. It is simple and will take less than a minute. Also, it will save you from a lot of hustles.

Steps for Editing a PDF on a Laptop

Follow these steps and learn to edit a pdf on a laptop. This is a premium version feature, so after installing the WPS Office you have to upgrade it to the premium version.

1.Open WPS Office and a window will open in front of you.

2. From the menu bar select Edit PDF

3. After selecting the PDF file, you can select the pdf file which you want to edit.

4. After selecting the desired pdf file, press open.

5. The desired pdf file will open in front of you.

6. You can now edit the text.7. You can edit the text as you want to.

8. After editing the text, you can go to the menu, and then from there you can select save. This will save the edited PDF file.

Did you learn how to edit a pdf on a laptop? Now your problem must have been solved, and you must have learned how you can edit a pdf on a laptop with the help of WPS Office. By following the simple set of instructions, you can easily edit a pdf without any hustle and without using any online paid editor.

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