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How to edit PDF file text in mobile

October 27, 2022

Previously, when we talk about PDF, many people's first impression may be that you can not edit, but with the gradual use of PDF documents, the demand for PDF editing has become increasingly high. In fact, there are many PDF editors on the market, basically to meet all your PDF needs, a lot of PC, but when it comes to mobile, there may be less, so today I will mainly recommend a PDF editor to support the operation of computers and cell phones, WPS Office PDF Editor, to help those on the go or need to urgently modify PDF documents or deal with PDF documents when using. Now let's have a look at how to edit PDF file text in mobile

How to edit PDF text on the mobile?

Step 1: Download the WPS Office PDF Editor on your cell phone and open it, find the PDF file you need to edit to open

Step 2: After opening the file in the document above the click on the Edit button to enter the PDF text editing interface.

(1) can add or delete text: click on the bottom of the Add Text button and then click on any blank space, you can add text, you can also select the original text to delete or add new text on the basis of the original text.

(2) can modify the text: select the text and click the keyboard at the drop-down, you can modify the text color, font size, font size, bold or modify the italics, etc..

(3) modify the text box: you can move, delete the text box, select the text box within the text copy or delete, etc..

Second: how to use the mobile to edit and modify PDF pictures

In the PDF editing interface, click the top Edit icon, and then click on the picture you need to edit.

(1) add or delete pictures: click the bottom of the Add Picture button to enter the picture editing interface.

(2) modify the picture: click to select the newly added picture or the original picture, you can rotate the picture, copy the picture, delete the picture, crop the picture, the picture on the top or bottom.

WPS Office PDF Editor is a relatively full-featured PDF tools for cell phones, in addition to editing PDF features, you can also read PDF and add notes, PDF to pictures, PDF merge, PDF split, PDF create, PDF scan, PDF page add or delete, PDF page extraction or rotation, exchange PDF page order, PDF keyword full-text search PDF document management, PDF file management, PDF printing or sharing, and so on.

PDF documents in the office workplace is currently quite a wide range of uses, it is suitable for the transfer of data and storage of information. If we need to edit the PDF document at hand outdoors to modify how to do it? If we do not have a computer and other office equipment in hand, How to edit PDF file text in mobile? Just download this PDF editor on your cell phone will be able to solve it!

WPS Office is supported by Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and other platforms, xp, windows 7, windows 10 and other MAC systems are supported, either on the PC or cell phones, can provide users with a variety of document services. No longer need to worry about working outdoors or needing to handle documents in an emergency. Now you can download it from the WPS website and get a free membership to experience all the editing features for free, so it is recommended that you download it for both your computer and mobile.

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