How to edit PDF on ipad?

October 28, 2022

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PDF file is a portable document format, there will be no typesetting disorder when opening or printing, so it is a commonly used document format in work and study. However, when important document content needs to be edited and modified, many people do not know how to modify PDF files. In fact, as long as you have a mobile phone or iPad, you can easily edit and modify PDF files through these mobile devices. Here tell you how to edit pdf on ipad.

WPS office is a full-featured office software that includes word, excel, ppt and PDF editing tools. Using WPS PDF editor, you can modify, edit, crop, merge, add watermarks, remove watermarks and other editing operations on PDF documents. When you use pdf to edit files, you generally use the edit and add comment functions. The following is a brief introduction to the two functions.

Editing functions of the ipad version PDF editor:

1. You can edit the content, you can add new text or delete the original text;

2. You can modify the text color, font, font size and paragraph, etc.;

3. You can insert pictures, rotate and crop the pictures, etc.;

4. You can add page numbers, add headers, footers, etc.;


Add comment function of PDF editor for iPad:

1. You can add highlighting, add underline, strikethrough, etc. to the selected statement, and write your thoughts in the comment box;

2. You can use the drawing function to draw on the page and write your notes;

3. All comments can be hidden. If you want to view comments, click Hide Comments again.


Steps to edit and modify PDF files on iPad version:

1. First, download wps office on your iPad and hit;

2. Find the PDF file that needs to be modified in the File on the home page, open the file, and then click the Edit button to enter the PDF editing interface;

3. In the PDF editing interface, find the text that needs to be modified, click to delete the original wrong text, and then enter the correct text, you can also modify the color, font, font size and bold of the text;

4. If you need to modify the picture of the PDF file, find the wrong picture in the PDF file, click to delete it directly, and then click the Add Picture button at the bottom to add pictures directly from the album to the PDF file, and you can also move, zoom, and crop the picture.

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