How to edit PDFs on windows

November 29, 2022

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Instructions for Editing PDFs on Windows

Are you still struggling to find the best online software for editing PDFs on Windows? Or are you still looking for ways in which you can edit the PDF? The wait is over, and the solution is here for you. With the help of WPS Office, you can now edit PDFs on Windows easily.

It is very easy to analyze PDFs instead of word documents when it comes to business because the formatting of the word keeps on changing from version to version. PDFs make things easier. If you want to edit PDFs on Windows then you can install WPS Office on your PC and after installing the WPS Office, upgrade it to the premium version so you can edit PDFs on windows as much as you want.

This software is free, you can download it easily and most importantly it is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This software is easy to use, and it is quite a lot user-friendly. You can save a lot of time by installing this software on your PC and then you can have access to a huge variety of features.

Instructions for Editing PDFs on Windows

Do you know how to edit PDFs on Windows? If not, then don’t worry just follow the following set of instructions to edit PDFs on Windows.

1.Open WPS Office on your Windows.

2. Go to the option of “PDF Edit”.

3. Open the PDF file that you want to edit.

4. Go to the “Edit” tab and press it.

5. Select the option of Edit content and click on the “show text boundary”.

6. After the boundary is visible around the text you can edit it.

7. After editing the text, you can save the document by going to the menu tab and selecting the option of saving.

Hopefully, this set of instructions was easy to understand for you. Now you can also edit the PDFs in less than a minute.

Did you learn how to edit PDFs on Windows? Hopefully, you were able to learn how to edit PDFs on Windows. It is quite easy to do so, and it takes less than a minute. You can learn about many other features of WPS Office as well by visiting our website and checking out other blogs.

It is such a necessary tool because there are many situations in which you have to edit PDFs on Windows. This software enables you to edit a large number of PDFs and not only this but there are many other exciting features of this software as well that can make your work really easy. So now you won’t have to use different software for different purposes because you can now do it in just one software.

What are you waiting for? Go and install WPS Office today. It is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac. WPS Office is a really handy software, and you can do a lot with the help of this software.