How to encrypt excel files in windows 10

July 22, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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The digital world full of hackers, data breaches and cyber bullying, one's personal information can easily be leaked. Excel files consist of sensitive information, personal finances and records which are vulnerable to leaking. To protect important data and files from prying eyes excel has a very useful and distinctive feature of encrypting files.

Encrypting the files fully secures your data and sensitive content which prevents other users from making changes in files. It will protect the whole data and restrict the access of whole file. The introduction of this special feature has helped the users a lot in securing their personal data. Data of each person consists of sensitive content which he doesn’t wants to share. In this IIIscenario, encrypting data holds a great importance in the protection of excel files. Every user should encrypt their personal records. In this article we have mentioned some ways of encrypting data. The tips mentioned below are compatible for 2016\2019 versions.

How to encrypt files by using password

Protecting files by using password is the most common method. By applying password, the document will be fully secure. To access a certain file, one should enter the password. So, encrypting the files by using password will keep the data safe and sound. To avoid the leaking of information, a strong password should be uses.

This method works best with 2016/2019 versions.

  1. First, we will go to the menu and click save as option.

  2. There is an option of encrypt at the end of page. We will click this option.

  3. Then we will create a strong password and IIIfile will be protected.

Limitations of encrypting excel files by using password

  1. Encrypting the data is a useful method of securing information but it has some limitations

  2. Sometimes we forget the password that we have created to protect a file. In such circumstances we cannot recover the encrypted file.

  3. In some cases, hackers can crack your password and can easily access your encrypted data. To prevent such cases, one should create a strong password

  4. If someone wants to share encrypted files it would create complications. Such shared file cannot be accessed by the user unless he has the password. For this purpose, one should encrypt a certain data and then share the file.

How to encrypt the file without using password

To avoid above mentioned limitations, there is another simple way of encrypting data is without using the password. Passwords are difficult to remember and can be cracked by other users. The file can be protected without using password.

This method works best with 2016/2019 versions.

  1. First, we will go to data tab then we will click on the option of protect workbook.

  2. Excel will ask for a password but it is be optional.

  3. After that we will press okay button and our file will be encrypted.

  4. If we want to access the file, we can easily open it on our excel spreadsheet which is impermissible for other user.

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