How to find if cell contains text in Excel online

December 13, 2022

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Cell contains text only in excel:
Cell contains text (partial match) in excel:

Excel conditions could ask you to check whether a cell contains a specific text or not. Today, we'll show you how to check to see if a cell has a specific text string. Let's first take a closer look at the dataset that will be the basis for our examples. There is a table with the names and grades of several students. This dataset will be used to ascertain whether a cell contains a specific text. Please be aware that this is a simple dataset to make things easier. You might encounter a considerably larger and more complex dataset in the real world.

Let’s see how to find if cell contains text in excel.

Cell contains text only in excel:

We can search through a cell to see if it contains the text (string) we're looking for. There won't be any restrictions any more.

As an illustration, the Grade column in our dataset has the phrases Passed or Failed in every cell. No extra words or strings are included. This enables us to identify whether the words Passed or Failed are present in a cell in this column.

For instance, before adding a comment to the recently created Remarks column in this instance, we will check to see if the word Passed is present in a cell.When you hear the word check, one of the first things that comes to mind is the IF function. The IF function returns a binary value after doing a logical test (TRUE or FALSE).Let's construct the formula using the IF statement to determine whether the cell contains the precise wording Passed or not.=IF(D4=Passed,Promoted,)

Here, the logical operation D4=Passed determines whether the word Passed is present in the D4.After it realises the cell has text, Promoted will appear as a result because Promoted has been set as the if true value. There isn't a value for if false right now.

Because the search phrase Passed is included in the D4 cell, the formula returns the answer if true.At this point, type the formula for the remaining cells. In addition, the AuoFill function is available.

As you can see, when the condition was true, our formula correctly returned Promoted for the cells that include Passed.This works regardless of case. If any of the cells read passed rather than Passed, it will still work.

Cell contains text (partial match) in excel:

A substring search may occasionally be required to find a specific text within a cell. This section will explain how to achieve that.To demonstrate, we will search the cells in the ID column for a string (group name).

A few columns have been put here to match the environment of our example.

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