How to format text in Excel

August 1, 2022

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Formatting text or numbers could make them seem more seen especially if you have a huge worksheet. Changing default formats includes things like changing the font color, style, size, textual content alignment in a cell, or applying formatting consequences. Changing the advent of the text in a spreadsheet can make it simpler to examine. But how do you adjust the font, length, and coloration of the text? This article suggests ways you may observe exceptional formats and additionally undo them.

Change font style, size, color, or apply effects on text

1.  Click Home.

2.  If you want to text or numbers in a cell to appear bold, italic, or have a single or double underline, select the cell and on the Home tab, pick the format you want.

3.   For a different font style, click the arrow next to the default font Calibri and pick the style you want.

4.  To increase or decrease the font size, click the arrow next to the default size 11 and pick another text size.

5.   To change the font color, click Font Color and pick a color.

6.   To add a background color, click Fill Color next to Font Color.

Change the text alignment

You can position the text within a cell by the following steps.

1.   To make text centered, aligned left or right. If it’s an extended line of text, you could apply Wrap Text so that all the textual content is seen.

2.   Select the text that you want to align, and on the Home tab, pick the alignment option you want.

Digital Text Formatting

Number formatting may be absolutely understood as a virtual form that may be used for calculations. Take the table below as an example where the data in the cell is in text formatting.

1.   If using the SUM function to do calculations, we would find that the data in text format cannot be calculated. At this time, we need to transform the records into more than a few formatting which could help calculations.

2.   Select the cell first. When the number is in textual content formatting, a green nook mark and caution image will seem inside the upper left corner of the cell. Then we need to allow the textual content to Convert to a Number. Now, the information inside the desk may be calculated usually.

3.   The wide variety of decimal locations isnt pretty uniform and makes the table appearance very messy. We can also click on the right mouse button to pick Format cells. Its shortcut keys Ctrl+1. Then select Number within the Format cells dialog field.

4.   Enter “2” in the Decimal locations. Then whilst the variety inside the mobile exceeds 2 digits, it is going to be rounded up, and if it's miles much less than 2 digits, it will mechanically fill in the variety of digits.

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