How to highlight text in excel

August 1, 2022

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Highlight text is perhaps of the most utilized and essential methods that we want to act in Excel. Highlighting texts inside a moment is simple. Plus, there are numerous ways accessible to do this. To work with you in every one of the ways, we have thought of three procedures all through this article that you can use to highlight text easily in Excel. Highlight text is a very usable function and very common. Individuals always vary this function and try to take benefits from it for their better understanding.

First, we will use Highlight Selected Text in Excel Using Font Color and find out how to highlight text in excel. This requires some step by steps instruction. Follow them.

1) First we have to make data in our spreadsheet and assume that we take soda flavors and their value in it.

2) Select the range of text you want to highlight and then go to the home ribbon which appears on the top of excel.

3) After that go to font group and click on it, a dialog box will appear in which several colors are available, click on which you want to highlight automatically the selected cells will be highlighted.

As you see here that I select a blue color and the selected text will appear in blue font.

You successfully find how to highlight text in excel using the excel feature of font color.

How to highlight text in excel by another method.

You can utilize a similar component of Excel utilizing another way. This procedure calls for even less time and is not difficult to utilize.

This also needs some steps to follow, but this way is much easiest way than the above.

1) The first step is to take the same database as above of soda flavor and their value.

2) After that select the text or cells which you want to highlight and then press the right click of your mouse several options will appear on the screen.

3) Click on the font color which you want to select, as an example select here red color and after selecting it, automatically my selected cells’ text is highlighted with red color.

Congratulations, again you find how to highlight text in excel most easily.

How to Highlight Text Using Cell Styles

You can use another feature inside Excel called Cell Styles. This feature will offer you to highlight your cells as well as your texts within a moment.

This function also needs to perform some steps.

1) Again in this method we have to take the database same as above.

2) The Second step is to highlight the cells which you want to highlight, now go to the spreadsheet and click on the Home ribbon where you find a lot of options, and then click cell style.

3) After that click on cell style, and a dialog box will appear and it shows several methods of highlighted examples. Select one from it, automatically the selected cells will get highlighted as per your section cell style.

4) In the last step, I select here Hyperlink style and my selected cells will automatically change into it.

Congratulation, by following all these steps you again find how to highlight text in excel using the CELL STYLE function without any hassle.

You can also find this feature in the latest excel versions 2016/2018/2019 spreadsheet, where you can easily find how to highlight text in excel.

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