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How to import text to excel

August 1, 2022

Although you cannot directly export data from a text file or Word document to Excel, you can utilize the Text Import Wizard in Excel to accomplish it. The Text Import Wizard inspects the text file you are importing and aids in making sure the data is imported as you like.

Import external data to excel

1.   Open the spreadsheet in WPS Office by clicking the menu drop-down button in the top left corner.

2.   In the pop-up window, select Data Import External Data Import Data, and then click OK.

3.  We can select the file as necessary in Step 1: Select Data Source by clicking Open Data File Directly and Select Data Source.

4. We can choose the encoding that makes our document viewable in the File Conversion interface. Text encoding is available in two flavors: Windows (Default) and Another encoding. Here, we select Windows (Default).

5. We can select the file type, such as Delimited or Fixed width, which best describes our data in the Text Import Wizard-Step 1 of 3 interfaces. Here, we click Next after selecting Delimited.>

6. The Text Import Wizard-Step 2 of 3 interfaces allow us to preview the data and make the necessary adjustments based on the previous operation. Next, we can click Next to move on to the following stage.

7. We can configure Column data format and Destination in the Text Import Wizard's Step 3 of 3 interfaces. Our default selection for the Column data format box is General. To set the location of the data, choose the sheet's cell in the Destination box.

8. To finish, click. After that, we can add outside data to WPS Spreadsheet.

Import Word text file to excel

1. To insert the Word document, open the table in Excel and choose the appropriate cell.

2. Select the Object button from the Insert tab. The Insert Object dialogue will then appear.

3. Make the Create from file selection in the window.

4. Select the Word document we wish to insert by clicking the Browse option, then click Open.

5. Click OK after selecting Link to file and Display as icon. The Word document has then been inserted, as can be seen.

6. Double-clicking the icon will launch the Word file.

(Note: Our document will reflect any changes made to the original file.)


The quickest way to enter this data into Excel is to select it, copy the text from the file and paste it onto the excel sheet.

1. Select Text from an external file.

2. Right-click anywhere on the selected text and select copy or use the Shortcut key Ctrl + C.

3. Paste it to the required location in the excel worksheet by right click and selecting the paste option or by Ctrl + V

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