How to insert a hyperlink in excel

July 25, 2022

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You have the ease of using basic tools, through Excel 2010 – 2016, where you can create hyperlinks in spreadsheets. If you are a person who works a lot with Excel, then this post is of interest to you as it gives you excellent shortcuts. You can now add hyperlinks by using the most optimal and easy tools or techniques if you will succeed.

The hyperlink is based on creating a shortcut, which allows you to jump to a stored book or document. Several techniques show you How to insert a hyperlink in excel since it is a cell with a hyperlink function. The hyperlink works with arguments such as link location and descriptive name.

How to insert a hyperlink in excel online?

The hyperlink function can only be used by those web addresses (URL) Link – location. The address can contain references such as quotes, which are based on itself a text string.

1. In the Excel or spreadsheet, click on the cell where you want to create the link (in the How to insert a hyperlink in excel guide, they show you how to place images).

2. In hyperlink, click to start creating a new hyperlink.

3. Write the name of the name that will appear in the box.

4. You can modify the name in the option modify later or modify now. Then in the text box, type what you want to create and click the link.

How to insert a hyperlink in excel Mac?

The most used Excel on Mac computers is Excel 2016 since it offers a variety of updates to its tools.

1. Enter the spreadsheet, and select the text or image you want to link, by clicking on insert – Hyperlink.

2. In Insert Hyperlink, perform these actions: To create a link to either a web page or file, click on Web Page or File you will see the address box, place the link, and click select. Click on the document to select the location of the link. If you want to write a message or email, click on Email Address.

3. Click OK.

It is important that you follow the guide on How to insert a hyperlink in excel, on Mac computers, the techniques are a little longer.

How to insert a hyperlink in excel and disable them?

If you want to disable hyperlinks when writing your texts in the document, you should use these features.

1. Enter the menu, go to Preference – AutoCorrect, and find these functions in Editing and Correction Tools.

2. While typing, click AutoFormat to see Hyperlink Internet and Network Routes and uncheck the box.

You have the advantage of placing either text, images, WordArt, slides, emails, URLs, or graphics, among others. There are many ways you can use Excel and have a flawless result by following the guide on how to insert a hyperlink in excel. Creating hyperlinks in your work is one of the easiest tasks.

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