How to insert a PDF into Word

March 11, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

Welcome to the WPS Official Academy, where you can learn how to insert PDF files into Word documents for free.  For those who want to insert a PDF file into their docs, WPS Writer can be put to good use.

· Two methods of adding PDF files to WPS Writer:

Place your cursor where you wish the PDF file to be inserted.

The first method:

Click the Insert tab, and then click File Object to spot the location of your PDF file. Finally, click Open to insert the file into your word document.

The second method:

Click the Insert tab, and then click Insert Object. In the pop-up dialog, check Create from file, and click Browse to insert the PDF file.

If you check Link to file, the changes to the source file will be reflected in your word document.

If you check Display as icon, the inserted PDF file will present as an icon.

· How to customize the inserted PDF files in WPS Writer:

Click the PDF file you inserted into the Word document, and head to the Picture Tool tab, where you can change the filling color by clicking Picture Fill, and click Picture Outline to add outlines to the icon.

To reset the effect, please click Reset Picture to reset.

· To explore more about inserting PDF files into WPS Writer

Click here to see how to insert objects in WPS Academy's video tutorial.

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Here, we have mastered an easy way to change fonts as well as two useful ways to add PDF files to WPS Writer. Did you get it?

WPS Writer is a free word editing software included by WPS Office Suite. WPS Writer offers all the basic and advanced functions without charge. For students and researchers, WPS Writer is a perfect choice for writing essays; for office workers, it's a professional tool for generating reports. Along with PDF, Spreadsheet and Presentation, you can make your work more comprehensive and outstanding.