How to insert a row in excel

July 25, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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If you need to work your charts in Excel and you haven't been able to because you don't know how to insert a row in excel. Do not worry because you will be able to know the necessary steps to learn everything related to how to insert several rows and complete your work with the greatest success.

Inserting a row in excel allows you to make your tables more complete, and you can add all the content you need. It is a tool that makes it possible to enter the data you have forgotten to finish your university work.

Currently, the Excel program is designed with many new functions so that both businessmen and students can work with tables, add and remove rows and learn how to insert a row in excel mac.

How to insert a row in excel online?

Find easily through a few easy and reliable steps like inserting a row in excel correctly and smoothly.

1. First, you must locate yourself through the last table. You place yourself in the lower right cell and then press the right tab.

2. As a result, there will be an empty row at the end of the table. It will be ready for you to insert new data. You will see that Excel automatically applies the required style to this new row. Although you can press the tab key many times, if you need to enter to insert a row in excel how to to the table, you will want to use another more advanced method.

How to add multiple rows?

If you need to be an expert in inserting a row in excel, you do not have to learn this complete process of adding more rows in detail.

1. To insert a row between two data, you will have to choose the cell that is below the new row, and when you right-click, you can select the insert option and then click on Rows of the table above.

2. There is no command so that you can insert the command below. So you should know that the rows will always be below the cell. If you need to insert several rows above the row that already exists, you can achieve it using a fairly easy technique, and that will be to select the same number of rows that you want to insert.

3. For example, if you want to insert three rows above the worker Jacon Sarmiento, you must choose three rows below. Then you will right-click on the selection of the cells so that you choose the option to insert and then a row of the table above. The result will be that you will have three new rows inserted above everything above the previously selected range.

How to add rows to a table through a form?

Get to know an excellent method so that you can insert a row in excel into a table using a form. This will be created automatically, do not hesitate to know the steps and learn about inserting a row in excel online.

1. First, click where the drop-down menu is on the toolbar and choose the More commands option.

2. It will be possible to show where the dialog box is with the option to customize the toolbar for quick access. Where the list of available commands is, you will have to select the all commands alternative, and through the lower list, you must look for the form command.

3. When you select the command, you will have to click where accept is found so that you close the dialog box.

4. To select a row, you will have to search for any cells and then press the form button. A text box will be displayed to see each of the columns.

5. To add a new row, you will have to press the new button so that you have the possibility of entering everything required in each table column. As soon as you have entered the new record's information, you must press the close button.

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