How to insert a row in Excel whith shortcut

August 5, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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The insertion of an excel row is mainly the addition of a new (blank) row to the worksheet page on a PC or some other device. The insertion of a row is very easy with the help of a shortcut to make work faster. An excel shortcut to insert a row reduces stress and the time frame to perform any task. This can happen because clicking on a single key or a combination of keys is to shorten an otherwise lengthy process. For instance, while carrying out some financial entries, the bank executive takes note that a row on the sheet containing the totals of the columns is missing. Immediate insertion of a blank row is carried out with the help of the shortcut keys on the keyboardCtrl +Shift+plus sign (+).

In this article, we are going to analyze the major shortcuts of inserting a row in Excel and for you to understand the formation clearly; all steps have been explained with the help of examples and images.

How to insert a row in Excel with a shortcut online

1.With a single key selected, click shift + Space to select the row

2.Click control + Shift + + (plus sign)to input a row above the current row before the fifth row selected

3.Since you have completed the second step, you can click on shortcut F4 to add multiple blank rows. any number of rows you want can be achieved by pressing F4 as much as you want it.

In the image shown below, we tried to add one blank row using a keyword shortcut and then clicking F4 often to increase the number of blank rows we need.

4. Click the number of rows that you wanted to add blank rows for on the device you're using. you can select 3 rows as shown in the image below. you can make use of the Shift + Space bar on your keyboard to select the number of rows. follow the number 3 step, you can use Shift, Ctrl, and sign to add three blank rows direct on the sheet using.

How to insert rows in excel using the shortcut on Mac

1.Open Excel on your device. The icon is green in color with a whiteX in it.

2.Click on the Home page of the sheet (tab)

3.Choose a row on the sheet by clicking on the row number and you should take notice of the row number on the far left of the sheet.

4.Click in is straight at the top of the Excel window. To save your time from all sorts of stress you can follow the following steps;

Right-click on the insert row to open up more drop-down menu Click on Add to Quick Access Toolbar. Press F4 whenever you want to add a new row on your sheet on Mac.

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