How to insert column excel

July 25, 2022

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Knowing the simplest forms of insert column excel consists of expanding all the general accesses you can have when doing any work. Excel is one of the most well-known and needed spaces when doing practical tasks, making it essential that you know how it works without limitations.

If you still know the practical ways to insert column excel, you will know three alternatives that you can implement without problems. It will not be complicated for you to insert column excel, thus reducing the number of clicks and combinations of commands to work correctly; you need to keep reading and take the most pleasant option from those below.

How to insert column excel with keyboard commands?

If you find yourself typing long content and constantly switching back and forth between keyboard and mouse is uncomfortable or tedious, you can insert column excel applying this option as follows:

1. Select a cell in the column to the left of the one you want to add the column to, then press Ctrl Shift +.

2. A dialog box called Insert will be presented, in which you must select Entire Column or, for greater ease, press C on the keyboard. Click OK or hit the Enter key for instant column addition

How to insert column excel using the right mouse button?

You don't have to be a commando geek to be able to do this, so here's an option to insert column excel that's more mouse-friendly for work:

1. Select the column to the right of where you want a new column by clicking on the name at the top for a full selection.

2. Right-click anywhere in the column and press Insert on the drop down menu. If you want multiple columns, you need to highlight the number of columns you want from the first step, giving full shading to repeat the other steps.

How to insert column excel mac?

Devices with this operating system tend to operate similarly to the rest. Still, in their commands, you can have an insert column excel variation like the one presented below:

1. Select the cell in the column to the left of the one you want to add. Then, right-click on Insert.

2. In the popping dialog, you need to click Entire Column or press the C key on your keyboard. Press accept or Enter for an immediate addition of the cell(s) you want to have as new.

These forms of insert column excel are the most practical that exist. Still, you can also add others adjacently or non-adjacently, which is different from adding columns to a table. The options available are many. As long as you learn how Excel works with this online advice, it will be more practical to carry out any task.

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