How to insert excel drop down list

August 1, 2022

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If you want to learn how to insert excel drop down list, you need to learn the proper steps to insert data entries into excel easily. Learning how to use the dropdown menu will help you limit input options for the selected cell. This is why you must know quickly that you can create a drop-down list using the data validation function in excel.

Insert excel drop down list has a series of options that let you work with great efficiency in your Excel sheets. With its help, you can select and display the appropriate alternatives that correspond to each cell. That is why you must learn everything about how to insert drop-down lists in excel.

Insert excel drop down list offers other functions that will surely help you improve your productivity, for example, how to modify a drop down list and how to delete a drop down list in excel.

How to insert Excel drop down list 2013?

To insert excel drop down list, take into consideration that you have a form in which each person will have to fill in their data, and you want that by selecting country, there are few alternatives.

1. First, you must open the excel spreadsheet.

2. You have to select the cells or the cell where you want to create your list. In this case, choose cell C6 since the country will have to go there.

3. You must click on data and then select data validation.

4. Where the dialog box data validation is located, you have to click on the lists.

5. Next to Origin, you need to insert the options found in the list and choose an alternative.

• List from a range: select the cells you want to include in your lists

• Lists of elements: add the elements separated by commas and periods and without spaces

The cells you have chosen have a down arrow to download; remove cell with the dropdown list. If you enter a data cell that does not match another item on your list, a warning will appear. To finish, you must click on accept, and that's it. If you want to change the color of the selected cell, you must use conditional formatting.

How to change a dropdown list?

In excel, you will be able to insert excel drop down list and modify all the dropdown lists that have been created. If you want a list of countries, for example, and you want to add United States and remove Spain, you must follow the next steps:

1. Choose the cells you want to change. In this case, it will be the cell that counts on the dropdown list.

2. Then click on data and then on data validation.

3. To change the option that appears, you must modify all the elements next to Origin to eliminate Spain and add the United States. To finish, click on accept, and that's it.

How should the source data be hidden?

When creating the insert excel drop down list from the data that is in the cells, but you do not want them to be seen, you need to follow these steps:

1. The data you have entered in the drop-down list must be in a new tab. Create the dropdown list with ease using the data from the tab that was created

2. Now, it is necessary to hide this new tab and right-click where the tab's name is, and click hide.

Now you learned about how to insert excel drop down list. If you need more information about excel functions, you need to follow WPS Academy to have more knowledge on this topic. Besides, you can also be attentive to every detail of the new specifications and tools of the program.

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