How to insert multiple rows in Excel

August 1, 2022

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You can see that Excel 2007 now has new updates and 1,048 576 rows available for all users. You can place as Excel insert multiple rows as you want from the bottom to organize your personal or business tasks. You will not have so many complications in inserting the rows. It is a quick and easy procedure to do.

For Excel insert multiple rows; you must follow this guide’s instructions. This is one of the most basic tasks carried out daily by experts who know how to use Excel and its tools. In this article, you will be able to know the simplest methods so that from now on, you can add all the rows you want to your spreadsheets.

How to excel insert multiple rows?

Maybe you only want to insert a single row. In the same way, you will have this guide to Excel insert multiple rows to achieve it.

1. Select the cell in which you want to add multiple rows.

2. Press the Shift + Spacebar keys to select the entire row on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can click on the number in the left row.

3. When selecting all, press the Control + + button. Or press Control + Shift + +.

4. This process will allow you to add a row just above the selected row. You can repeat the action by pressing F4.

How to excel insert multiple rows between data?

If at home, what you are looking for is to add several rows in seconds, then you should know this other Excel insert multiple rows.

1. Select the number of rows you want to insert. You must do it from the row number to the bottom.

2. You can apply a shortcut, and it is Control + Plus or Control + Shift + Plus. This way, you can enter the selected number of rows.

3. You can also use another effective shortcut, press Alt + I + R, to select and add the rows to the calculation box.

How to use Macro in Excel to insert multiple rows in your documents?

Macro is one of the most advanced updates, allowing you to have Excel insert multiple rows instantly without repeating the process.

1. Get the Macro Code to activate the cells in the Excel spreadsheet.

2. Select from where you want to add the rows and thus execute Macro. The macro inserts the number of rows from above.

3. Macro is a very simple and easy-to-use application in Excel, and it gives you the number of rows in seconds. You can see that either of the two methods is very easy and quick to do. You will have your rows to organize the work. The Excel insert multiple rows guide is available for all users who wish to obtain more knowledge of this tool.

You can also follow their website, WPS Academy, responsible for creating and offering this information. Now you can opt for a much cleaner and more perfect job, by performing all these basic tools. Excel is one of the most used programs, and users deserve to have more knowledge when doing any job.

You must have an updated Excel program to achieve Excel insert multiple rows. You will have optimal results if you opt for Excel 2011 since it currently has various tools. You can also do your work with Excel 2016 – 2019. It is much more advanced and easy to use.

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